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Dearie me, I have been quiet!

on September 18, 2012

Thanks all you lovely people who’ve still been checking up on me; I promise I haven’t fallen down a deep hole otherwise I’d have sent out Skippy to alert a kindly cowboy to my plight.

I have in fact been busy with my Hairy all weekend as it’s been his birthday and we’ve had lots of lovely things to be doing. We went to the vintage fair, which was ok. Only £1 entry made it feel worth it, but I didn’t find much that I particularly wanted which may have been partly because I didn’t know where to go if I wanted to try anything on and sizes from however many years ago can be very tricksy. There were a lot of stalls there that sold a great range of clothing but sadly there wasn’t much in the way of homewares, and Hairy and I had hoped to be getting some knick knacks for our new home 🙂 Good news was that we’ve got a lovely picnic hamper! I would suggest having a look at it if it’s near you, it just wasn’t best for me. I love me some good festival/market stalls!


I am indeed very excited about said hamper! I was also quite happy about the fact that I looked quite a lot like a witch that day 😀


Other spoils of the weekend: the new Pratchett book, and a couple of beautiful leather bound books from Waterstones as Hairy’s parents sent him money for his birthday and he loves books 🙂 And last and definitely weighing the least was another little book for my classics collection – I’m now the proud owner of a collection of classic macabre tales 😀 We got other things as well, I just didn’t take photos of anything else. We popped into Lush for some henna; I prefer the rouge one for normal use but I was trying to cover up some of the crazy colours in my hair so I picked a nice deep brown. Sadly my hair’s refused to play ball, so I have lovely brown hair in some lights and in others it’s tinged with green. I may be forced to follow my sister’s advice and chop it off short just to sort out the colour; my problem with that is that I hate short hair with a passion and have spent the past however many years trying to grow it out! Sadly a penchant for dyeing my hair thwarts my hair’s natural healthiness. Lush does have an amazing conditioner that’s really helped the dry ends: it’s called Retread and while it’s way more expensive than I would normally pay for anything, I have to admit it’s pretty damn good at what it does. What’s your experience with Lush? I don’t like the hard sell, but their products are good quality I find.

Hairy also needed some new combats while all his others are broken and awaiting repair! So we went and picked him up some of these after wandering round and round in one of the rather more unpleasant areas in Nottingham. While I would definitely recommend taking a look at it because it has some really good deals in there, I was a little non-plussed by the service! Hairy was paying, chatting away as he normally does while I was investigating some wellies I’d noticed and thought would do well for Hairy (no show in the end – a bit pricey for the likes of us ) and I came and joined in with the usual chat. Just as we were leaving, the woman behind the counter looks at me and asks “So are you one of those that they call Goths?” and when I was flabbergasted, Hairy came to my rescue and called me a hippy 😀

On Hairy’s birthday itself, after the vintage fair, his brother took all of us out for lunch at the Soulville which does the best steak I’ve ever tasted. It tends to be my go to luxury treat, even though it’s not too expensive for a good steak dinner! Sadly we got seated downstairs – I like to be up the cast iron spiral staircase, but that might just be me being snobby and liking to be up in the rafters! After our escapade with the army surplus store, Hairy and I restored ourselves at the Sal, a lovely old rock and ale pub which was the backdrop to our first encounter and therefore always has a soft spot in my heart. The drinks there are pretty reasonably priced, the food comes in huge hearty portions and tastes amazing (we know the chef and he’s brilliant at what he does), and there are little snugs that you can claim for a bit of privacy. We did plan on eating at the Navigation but it didn’t grab our fancy at the time. There’s an amazingly huge array of burgers to choose from, which may have been the problem! As soon as I have too many choices, I shut down and refuse to have anything 😀 Do you do that?

We’ve also had a bit of a splurge on the house. My plan is to have a multi coloured kitchen because that would make me so happy; we started it last year with some entertainingly bright mixing bowls, and we got a giant purple bin to replace the utterly pants one that came with the house and some pretty chopsticks to eat our noodles with as the Hairy one is obsessed with noodles. Way more expensively than that, we also bought a tv, desk and bookcase. I’m waiting in for some of it to be delivered today, and we’re massively excited to put it together and hopefully start sorting out the place! I’m getting so fed up with climbing around boxes trying to find a jumper because it’s got chilly all of a sudden! We’re expecting some money back from the landlord for the key fob we were forced into replacing; we’re hoping that the contractors will be coming around soon to fix our lighting and we should have a fob for our car park soon too! It’s beginning to feel a lot more like home now, and now we’re getting things moving and fixed with all the broken bits I can relax and start thinking about my dissertation some more!

I’ve also had a few things cleared up and sorted over the weekend, which was fantastic. I’m definitely not pregnant, as there was a slight chance that I could have been, and an icky illness that I might still have had has gone away completely! YAY!

Anyway, how’s your weekend been? Have you been up to much? Do you have a favourite eatery/somewhere that means a lot to you? Have you been labelled as a goth because you wore a big green velvet dress? (That might be a bit too specific!)


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