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Far to go…

on September 20, 2012

I like Thursdays. I was actually born on a Thursday, which makes me a baby with a long journey ahead of me. That’s cool – it means I get to see all sorts of awesome stuff before I kick the bucket! I have been an incredibly versatile crafty person over the past few days, and today is no exception! This may be a very picture heavy post, so be warned.

Last night, after the obligatory dose of The Big Bang Theory (Penny is my favourite, who’s yours?) Hairy and I descended upon our kitchen to make some non-petroleum jelly. I’m a massive Vaseline user – I always have at least one tin of it knocking around but I’m a bit sad that the prices have gone up! Then I stumbled across this blog which is utterly delightful, and as the recipe looked so easy I gave it a try!


What you see there is our newly cleaned hob – I really hate electric hobs but nowhere seems to have gas hobs any more. Which do you prefer? But you also see an ounce of pure beeswax – mine cost aout £1.50 from ebay, and 100 ml of bog standard olive oil. It’s nice and simple, you just heat it through over a low heat until it’s all melted, and then pour it into a jar to set!


I popped mine into an old jam jar with a bit of tea tree essential oil as it was the only one I had lying around! I was going to experiment with vanilla essence in a different jar, but that one had recently had salsa in and still smelled a bit like onions. I don’t know about you, but I really don’t want onion lips!


And one of the assorted clutter in our house, but solidifying jelly and pretty roses that my Hairy got for me because he was feeling flush (completely not helped by the fact that I paid for them).


A little while back, Hairy’s brother deposited this in my lap as it was an Easter present that never got given to the intended recipients and had been languishing ever since and he knows I like baking! I whipped up a batch this morning because I’ve been craving sweet things again, and really wanted biscuits! Flapjack will do I guess. What it is is a box containing pre measured ingredients and a fool proof recipe for baking flapjack. It does say “Every mouthful crammed with healthy fruit, nuts and oats!” but I’m still a bit sceptical. I can say that it is full of seeds and fruit, but the healthy bit is the bit that’s getting me – it’s all been dried with sugar (I checked the ingredients list), and oil on occasion. It’s a lovely idea for a present for a small child, but I have to say that I wouldn’t have bought it for myself – I prefer to bake from scratch!


But anyway, here goes. You pop bags 2 and 3 into a sieve, pour over boiling water (didn’t say how much, so I did about a mugful and then made myself tea!), and leave it to drain while you’re getting on with the rest of it.

My lovely mug that was given to me by a kindly Aunti many years ago! I had Assam tea because I got a couple of free samples from the Twinings website and I absolutely adore tea. Hairy can’t get going in the morning without a cup of coffee, but we’re both tea lovers at heart. I got my tea here and went for the Assam and Earl Grey because I like the aromatic black teas, and they grabbed my fancy. Are you a tea or coffee drinker? Would you ever go for free samples?


Skipped a small step here! Weigh 120g of salted butter into a saucepan, then add in bag 6 (brown sugar), and pot 5 (what they said was golden syrup). Heat it until the butter is melted and the sugar’s started to dissolve, then take it off the heat and add the oats (with seeds in!), nuts from bag 4 and the fruit that’s been soaking in the sink. I cheated and added some more sultanas at this point because I love the little blighters and put them in as much of my cooking as I can get away with!


Turn into a greased tin, press it down and bake in a pre-heated oven at 180 degrees at the bottom of the oven for 20-30 minutes. Mine’s a fan oven, so I only left it in for 20 minutes and it came out nicely. It looks quite pretty like that! It’s currently in the fridge hardening up because I took a bit of it to try too early and ended up with an assortment of flapjack crumbs instead of a nice slice.


And a shot of my Beauty and the Beast butter dish because I mentioned it yesterday and had my camera in the kitchen with me. Isn’t it pretty? Another ebay win, I think it only cost me a couple of pounds and I think it’s beautiful 🙂


I went on a photo spree. Here’s my workstation in the corner of the bedroom, complete with our new bookcase and desk which I put up all on my own! It’s rather untidy because I’m an untidy person, and I’m still getting into the habit of being tidy and putting stuff away. Do you have a bad habit that you’re trying to break? It’s taking me a while and is completely not helped by the enormous number of boxes littering our bedroom. But good news! The contractor’s supposed to be coming around tomorrow after 10am to fix our lights – he’d better not be late because I’m off to London to see my sister straight after Hairy finishes work!


My completed non-petroleum jelly! I’ve popped it into an old Vaseline tin – the irony, I know. It’s a little bit grainy, but that might be down to the fact that I didn’t put enough olive oil in. The next time I’m making this, I’m going to use jojoba oil or sweet almond oil as lighter carrier oils, and get some more essential oils so it smells nice! It doesn’t smell like much right now, which is nice. Would you ever try making this? After this, my next project is solid shampoo as I got a free sample when I was in Lush getting henna and I really liked using it. The thing about the Lush solid shampoos is that they’re so rich and buttery, it doesn’t feel like it’s stripping my hair when I clean it which is what I hate about cheap shampoo in a bottle!


And finally a close up of the books I’m reading for my dissertation! I’m kind of in love with all of these books, and would love to own pretty much all of them (but don’t fool yourself, the bright colours and interesting titles are simply a trap to lure you into academmic arguments. I hate academics.) But sadly books like these are way outside my humble budget and I shall resort to simple library borrowing.

And as for my far to go title, how about you? Which child of the week are you?


2 responses to “Far to go…

  1. Kate says:

    I love Vaseline, maybe I should give that a go!

  2. It’s far easier than I expected – literally oil of your choice and beeswax in a pan and melt! Let me know how it goes if you try it 🙂 I’d suggest using sweet almond oil as the olive is a bit heavy but I don’t think it makes too muc difference in the end 🙂

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