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It’s days like these…

on September 25, 2012

Yesterday was a good day. I spent all day worrying about the dissertation meeting with my tutor, which went fine in the end and turns out I needn’t have worried about not know my proposal at all! She’s suggested that we have another look at what we want to do to make sure it’s actually the topic we still want to focus on. She said something nice too – although we aren’t going to be writing a definitive work (that’s for our PhDs!), we are becoming experts in our chosen field.

Hairy was late home, but he came bearing gifts of fruit juice because I was feeling rotten and craving juice. Told him I was becoming a fruit bat, and he loved the idea that I was going to be a superhero 🙂 We’re fairly massive nerds and love all the most recent Marvel films, as well as Batman. Finest dinner ensued, with Hairy tackling some of the mountain of washing up that just seems to grow. I swear it’s alive…

Then off to Guides for the evening! It’s out in Chilwell, so a walk and a bus ride away but I get reimbursed for travel and I’m really growing to love this unit. We had some amazing people coming in to the evening to make bread – I used to watch their daughter on occasion because it wasn’t quite baby sitting  because she was about twelve and only needed company so her mums could go out for a film, or just a meal. They are an amazing family, the daughter was one of our guides and she’s a fascinating young woman. I miss having her at guides because I always enjoyed talking to her, but all guides grow out of wanting to turn up every week and I don’t blame them. It’s just sad having to say goodbye to them, although it’s always good to get new girls in who inject the enthusiasm of youth into the unit.

Anyway, we had a great evening making bread; the girls had fun getting covered in flour and dough and I even got to make a couple of rolls that I took home and Hairy snaffled straight off  after he met me from the bus with hot chocolate and rum :D. I’d felt a bit distant from my unit for a while because I hadn’t been able to make many of the meetings because of work and time commitments; I nearly didn’t go last night because I felt ill but Hairy made me realise I’d rather go, so I did! Just as I was about to leave, one of the guide’s mums came up to me and handed me a bag saying that her daughter had written me a letter. Turns out my guide had got me a book as a thank you for being her leader, and written me a note of my own apart from the other leaders. 


I’ve still got a smile, and I wish I could see the guide to thank her and tell her that I’m looking forward to the book and can’t wait to read it. It’s lovely feeling appreciated, and from a girl that I enjoyed talking to it’s nice to know she enjoyed it too. She got me a book she loved, and I’m sure she’s got impeccable taste.


Yes, I’m pulling a funny face but it was the only photo that wasn’t majorly cloak blurry! We tried to get a decent photo of it billowing in the wind, but it wasn’t playing along 🙂

Do you get days when things just go right, even though you’ve been dreading it? Have you tried making your own bread? Yesterday was my day that made me feel better as a guider, and as a student and researcher, and a cook. I’m happy 🙂


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