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Good Thursday beautiful people!

on September 27, 2012

First off, I have to say a big thank you to everybody who looks at my page. Yesterday I had 28 views and I was absolutely over the moon because I’m pleased by the little things in life. One of my favourite quotes is “Simple things please simple minds, while greater fools look on in wonder”. I live my life by that idea – you don’t need lots to be happy.

Yesterday my student loan came in (I did a little dance all alone at home), and so Hairy told me to buy the jacket that I wanted because it’s on sale. And so I did! It’s winging its speedy way to me right now and I’m so excited because it’s the first piece of clothing that I’ve bought that’s that expensive in months, if not years. WAYHEY!!! I am nervous because I don’t know if it’ll fit or even look nice on me, but I promise you guys a photo as soon as it arrives 😀

Just so you know, this is the kind of image of Maman Brigitte that I’m aiming for, complete with top hat, rum and chillis:

Hairy and I had a splurge at Dunelm Mill last night because I was feeling flush (not so much by the end of the trip where I couldn’t stop fidgeting), and we bought some amazing and adorable stuff for our home. We have a Moroccan spices scented candle which I haven’t stopped burning since last night. It’s smells sweet and spicy, slightly zesty and all around amazing. I also picked up a freesia scented fragrance thingy for the bathroom because it can do with a little help every now and then! I’m refusing to share pictures of overly messy house, so that will just have to wait 🙂 Our bathroom is entirely enclosed – no natural light in there because there are no windows, and so equally no fresh air.


We also picked up the most adorable pair of cast iron dishes – they’re teeny tiny and completely impractical and so I love them unreservedly. They’re completely useless, but I’m hoping to make teeny pies in them, and maybe use them for individual desserts or starters. I’m not sure yet – what would you cook in something that small?


And finally a little something for each of us: a knife block for me because I like to have nice knives and we’ve been using rubbish ones for way too long and this means we can get rid of all the others! Nice and simple plan there Batman. Hairy fell in love with a giant grater, because officially as of last night his brother has another flat and so will be removing his stuff from our flat for the weekend. Yippee! I’m going to put Hairy on bookcase duty so he can indulge his OCD with book arranging while I go through wardrobes and throw/put up to sell.donate clothes. So I can buy new clothes! That’s how it works, right? I remember being a little girl and going through my clothes with my mum and getting rid of clothes that were too small or that I didn’t like any more, but I haven’t done a proper cull in years.


I’ll wrap up this post by saying another thanks to everyone who looks at or comments on this blog; it may not seem much but it gives me a little squee of happy to know that people like what I’m writing about. A few questions: would you rather be able to fly or be invisible? What’s your favourite flower? Do you believe in sex before marriage? What do you think about bellringing? (I’m totally going this Saturday!)


6 responses to “Good Thursday beautiful people!

  1. :O Your dishes are very cool! Personally I would use them to keep biscuits in, or maybe like sugar and coffee granules…but then I’m not a great cook 😛 As for your questions, invisibility every time, white roses, yes (used to be a no, but I believe that was in a more naive time, though I do disagree with one-night stands, I think you should be in a committed relationship), and an interesting hobby. There’s an elderly man down our road who does bell-ringing and he rang the bells at his own wedding, which I thought was very sweet! 🙂

    • They really are adorable aren’t they? I was tempted to use one for salt, but Hairy’s threatened to revolt if I don’t make him pies in them 🙂

      I’m all for flying, freesias or honeysuckle are my favourite flowers because they smell so good and I do think sex before marriage is fine, but like you I don’t like one nightstands.

      I love the idea of ringing the bells at your own wedding! Although in a wedding gown, it might be a little more tricksy…

      • Sarah says:

        That’s very true, climbing a bell tower in a wedding dress wouldn’t be the easiest thing, let alone actually ringing the bells! Maybe its just a nice thing for male bell ringers to do 😛

  2. Kate says:

    In order: Be invisible (I feel like flying would be too tiring). Tulips. Yes. Bing bong bing bong.

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