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Wake me up when September ends.

on September 30, 2012

I’m showing my “old school” roots here – quoting Green Day lyrics at you lovely people? I should be ashamed but I’m not. I used to love listening to Green Day when I was younger.

I’ve had a fabulous weekend even though I lost Hairy most of yesterday to helping his brother move out of our place. VERY late night on Friday, but we had to get up and be presentable so that the men ‘n’ van could come in and not be confronted by nakedness. I bought Hairy a PS3 because he’s been hankering after one and it works as well as a DVD player so it’s an investment I guess. My jacket arrived yesterday! I would have taken photos but my SD card has been out of play for the past few days (read: I left it plugged it into my laptop and completely forgot to take it out again). Sadly the people around in my neighbourhood really don’t appreciate it’s beauty: “Oi Martin, what are you looking at as well? She’s dressed like a…” I’ll leave the rest to your imagination. It wasn’t flattering to say the least 🙂

I guess you’re all waiting on tenterhooks to hear about bell ringing! Actually, it wasn’t as fun as I’d hoped it would be. There was a lot of sore muscles and trying not to ring the bells off their supports… I don’t take criticism very well at all, especially not when I’m knackered and so it was a diffcult two hours by the end of it. I’m glad I tried bell ringing, but I’m not sure it’s something I can devote enough time to to get better at it.

Today’s been beautiful though. We spent all morning tidying our flat because Hairy’s brother has moved out and we thought that we were having some of my old friends from school to come around. We did meet up and have a few drinks with said friends in Nottingham city centre – started off in the Pit – one of the Eerie pubs around England which is normally a metal pub but was incredibly mellow today. We chatted a bit about their recent trip to climb Kilimanjaro – I’m so jealous! I’m planning on climbing a mountain some day, just not sure which yet 🙂 Would you climb a mountain?

When my friends popped to the cinema, Hairy and I stayed in the Sal for a little bit longer then popped over to Zizzi’s which is an amazing Italian restaurant. I had a lovely fish themed dinner – calamari and prawns, then pesce risotto for me and a carne calzone for Hairy, then Hairy got a cheeseboard because he doesn’t like sweet things. A really worthwhile thing to check out is the tastecard if you live in the UK because we get our meals for 2 for 1, so only ended up paying £50 for a three course meal, bottle of wine and brandy coffees at the end.

Spent all day playing bidding wars on ebay with Hairy – I like it when he gets involved and gives me an opinion on what he’d like to see me in. I never give up my own style, but it’s a second opinion from someone I trust like when I go shopping with my sister and she asks me what I think about her clothes that she’s buying. It’s been fun; we’ve even tried to get Hairy a cane so he can swagger about town with a cane.

Wonderful weekend – how was yours? I’m sorry not to have any photos but I promise that I’ll get one of my new jacket very very soon! Trying to get to yoga and bellydancing this week because I could do with some exercise after this weekend! What have you bought for autumn so far?


One response to “Wake me up when September ends.

  1. L says:

    Sounds like you’ve had an action packed weekend! Has Hairy’s brother lived with you for long? I best it’s nice to have the space back!!!

    Love, Italian food. Very good deal – I’ve never been Zizzi’a although heard lots about it. Belly dancing and yoga sound a good idea! I do yoga every morning, fantastic for the mind set, belly dancing I took up on my own at home, and hurt myself (apparently I wasn’t keeping my tail bone tucked in) after it healed, it kind of put me off. Have you been doing it for long ?

    Weekend has been OK. worked a lot of it really, (square eyes,) lots of social net working (too much) and now I’m just about to go bed.

    Have an awesome week!

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