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Parents tonight, sister for lunch. Eek! Manic tidy!

on October 5, 2012

I’m trying to tidy the flat up (doing an amazing job, as you can probably tell!), and I’ve discovered a huge problem. Hairy and I own too many coats individually, and when you put that collective into a flat with no coat stand and no coat hooks, chaos ensues. Argh.

So what to do with too many coats and no coat stand? Boxes! They’re beginning to be the bane of my life, but right now I haven’t the time to complain about it (even though I have time to write this… Go figure :D).

I missed a call from my sister last night, but managed to arrange that we’re meeting for lunch today and a bit of shopping before we have to meet up with other halves and go have dinner with our parents. It’ll be good to see her because she’s a pretty awesome sister to have. She told me I’m about the only person she knows who could pull off dark green hair, and she’s my only family member who likes my lip ring. It’s finally healing! The scar tissue is almost gone which is amazing. I swear my body plays up as long as it can (illness, piercing healing, etc) and then when I threaten it, it goes away. Last time I went to see my sister, I told her that I was changing the lip ring out and if it hadn’t healed by Christmas it was gone.

Last night I made the amazing discover that Hairy is named so for a reason – his pony tail is longer than my forearm. We’d had showers and he likes to have his hair brushed and generally pampered whenever he can convince me to do it, and I checked how long it was. Mine got redone with henna last night, so I’m not quite sure what colour it is because I haven’t seen it in daylight yet…

The thing about my relationship with my Hairy is that I never expected him. I thought, at the ripe old age of 18 no less, that I was settled for life with one guy and then Hairy burst into my life and changed everything. When I was little, I decided that I’d never date a guy who did anything from a whole list of things: smoke, bite his nails, have longer hair than me, not have decent hygiene… I also thought I’d end up with someone much taller than me, and dark. I just got really distracted trying to find a picture to illustrate my Hairy well 😀 I’ve linked it before, but he’s the man in these photos Basically he’s the complete antithesis of everything I expected my ideal man to be, and he’s perfect. He’s my best friend as well as the other half of me, and I feel like I’m almost in a fairy tale happy ending.

Do you have an other half that surprised you? How do you deal with having to tidy at the last minute? And what do you do when your other half owns four leather coats??? Much Friday love to you wonderful people.


4 responses to “Parents tonight, sister for lunch. Eek! Manic tidy!

  1. Kate says:

    Do you ever get the urge to braid his hair?

  2. L says:

    It’s funny how we always end up with people opposite to what we thought originally. Sometimes it’s good to not have a specific type, because you can miss the person who turns out to be really awesome, and right for you.

    The part about him loving his hair pampered made me laugh, he’ll have more shoes than you soon! I I only ever tidy my house when there’s someone coming around, and usually I’m up at 6am or till 3am doing it. I’m learning to tidy as I go along now, saves a lot of time and effort.

    Have a wonderful Sunday!

    • I’m lucky that Hairy managed to slip through my net of specifics 🙂 He doesn’t have more shoes, but he does have more tops than I do! He’s as picky as me about what he puts on his hair because he has to look after it really carefully 🙂

      I’m trying to keep it tidy, but I’m just mucky 🙂 I’m getting there! 😀

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