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Home is a happy place to be.

on October 15, 2012

Hairy and I got back to our flat last night and it was probably one of the best feelings ever. The past week has been manic and family filled and I’m so relieved to be getting back into the swing of university and normal life.

Portsmouth was great. We barely got any sleep because we found a stray kitten who ended up sleeping in our room to keep him safe from the dogs. I called him Kit-Cat and he absolutely loved hair, so he spent two nights purring at our heads and kneading our scalps with sharp kitty claws. I wish we could have kept him, but a 5 hour train journey would have been difficult and we wouldn’t be able to afford vet bills to look after him properly. Unless he gets found and claimed, Hairy’s family are keeping him.


Much alcohol has been consumed over the past few days! Friday was the birthday dinner at the Black Rabbit in Arundel; food tasted amazing and their house red was surprisingly tasty, but the portions weren’t enormous. Maybe I’ve just got a skewed idea of how much food is normal! I had most of a bottle of wine to myself as Hairy bought two for the table, but then about half the people there weren’t drinking because they had to drive. Saturday I spent a lot of time working, finishing off a bit of dissertation work before Hairy’s biggest brother came around with his little ones which means I’ve now met the entire clan! Afternoon was shopping for an outfit (not for me sadly), which was lovely because I got rewarded for helping by a present from lunch! You know how much I love the stuff, and I got bought some of this stuff:


It’s actually amazing! I’m more excited about the fact that I get to play while washing, but I’m currently using it as a shampoo/soap and it’s working fine so far šŸ™‚ You can use it to wash your clothes as well, and it smells nice. I’m a happy šŸ™‚

After shopping, we went for drinks with Hairy’s best friend ever, then around to have a few more sneaky ones with his brothers. Just a quick explanation – Hairy is the youngest of six brothers, and actually the smallest at just shy of 6 foot. All the others are fairly massive, ranging from 6’2 to 6’10 and they’re all pretty lovely too. Some can be chauvinistic prigs at points, but you take it with a pinch of salt with them. They don’t mean any harm, and they’ve got your back if ever you need them and because Hairy’s the littlest they’ve all got a soft spot for him (and by extension me!) It helps that we’ll talk to all of them despite the arguments they’ve had at times.

Drinks were good! I met a man called Rosie who does awesome things like scuba diving and rock climbing, and we ended up chatting while Hairy’s Nottingham Brother held forth on the subject of bears for about two hours. Honestly that man can talk the hind leg off a donkey! When it hit 2am and I’d been embroiled in the same story about Nottingham Brother meeting his girlfriend, Hairy and I wandered home trying to figure out how to keep both our awesome surnames. I’m a Jasper, he’s a Spry. They work well as a double barrel but we’re not sure about that one!

Train journey was made only a bit more interesting after finding out that someone had been hit by a train at St. Pancras, so we had to run to make the connection but apart from that it was a bit boring. I read my Kindle most of the way – it’s great. I managed to finish two books on the train, even though I was already carrying about 12 in the bag… Anyway, if you read fast it’s a lifesaver but it’ll never beat a real book. I’m enjoying having it though, even if I haven’t got many books I like on there yet. Getting home and relaxing was amazing – dinner was like manna. Not take out, but roast chicken. It was AMAZING. You know how you crave fast food and stuff? Well after three days of take out (real treat, but oh so fattening), even Hairy was craving home cooked stuff. Watched Fiddler on the Rood – Hairy’s never seen it and it was on the TV and he ended up loving it.

Now you’re up to date with what I’ve been up to my lovelies! I’ll be getting back into the swing of this now that I’m back at home.


5 responses to “Home is a happy place to be.

  1. ambergravitt says:

    That FUN stuff looks like a Japanese product. Having spent some time in Japan, I have a soft spot for all their crazy ideas–fun indeed!

  2. missclamshell says:

    Your weekend sounds fabulous — glad to hear you had such a great, carefree time! The kitty is adorable, and I absolutely agree with home cooked meals being a welcome treat after a few days of rich meals. Looking forward to the next post.

  3. missclamshell says:

    Also, I LOVE fiddler on the roof!

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