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Wrong day to be wearing a cloak! Take two, with words and pictures…

on October 17, 2012

Wrote an entire post, faffed around for an age and then found out that it failed entirely. Let’s try again…

What do you do when the weather is supposed to be straight from the frozen wastes of hell? (That’s not rhetorical!)

Turns out that I put on a series of impractical clothes, and then chuck my cloak on over the top of it. Wrong choice, honestly. My outfit looked great and I felt good, but then the weather gods decided not to rain on my parade and instead I was greeted by big blue skies and sunshine. Beautiful weather, but totally the wrong atmospheric circumstances for me not to turn into a sweat beast by the time I’d run to university (running late like normal!) and so I got many funny looks too.

My cloak is a thing of beauty, but I hate wearing it on hot days. Luckily it also imbued me with the overwhelming urge to strap a belt to my hip and stride off into the countryside during a montage of close ups of puddles being splashed by my booted feet and my cloak swirling and billowing, replete with brooding shots. That would have made today a day worth living!

Sadly I left the sword at home because I don’t think many normal people would have appreciated a girl with a hunk of steel and an attitude 😀 Back story: Hairy owns a replica of Aragorn’s ranger sword and it’s currently sat downstairs. For my birthday, I went to the pub with a group of friends but they all failed and turned up late, thus spoiling my plan to swoosh in and look fantastic. Last minute change of plans resulted in me sitting in the corner of the pub, hood drawn up over my face, with a pint. I felt like I was channelling the very spirit of a Ranger; plus I felt ABSOLUTELY EXPLETIVE AMAZING like that. It was extraordinarily cool, no joke.


This night, here be some of the friends. We fit five into the cloak with space for more.

I miss this hair:


It wasn’t a sensible decision or a sensible colour, but I loved it. It was impractical, silly and the most beautiful colour I’ve ever seen on my head. I miss having hair that long – now it only just grazes shoulder length because the ends needed lopping off but I still regret it! It would have taken so much time and effort to keep it up; the roots would need re-bleaching and re-dyeing every month and I’d be hoping fervently that the colour would come out about the same. I’ve been dyeing my hair since my first tentative dabble into purple hair dye at the tender age of 14 and ever since it’s been a way of expressing myself and who I am. The turquoise made me feel like me; now I just feel in the middle because it’s in the horrible “I’m growing out and am a technicolour mess” stage. *Sigh*

I also miss my hair in these shapes and shades!


Kent, long and reddish on Dover cliffs. Plus I’m in my dungarees 😀


Date with Hairy to Matlock Bath for a wander around. The hair dye is supposedly black with blue hints. Blue tinge my bum!


Attempting model-dom! Such ginger hair! It felt in such good condition because I was using henna and a tonne of conditioner. This was taken at York.


Absolutely flipping terrifying in negative apparently! First thing in the morning, no make up and tousled. I miss that hair!


Bright, dark blue hair with some roots coming through 🙂 I think I even have daisies threaded into my bunches… First holiday in a tent for Hairy and me 😀 Oops, I tell a fib. Not daisies, actually it’s sprigs of gypsophila that I rescued from the tractor.


6 responses to “Wrong day to be wearing a cloak! Take two, with words and pictures…

  1. missclamshell says:

    red hair looks good on you! i wish i had the courage to dye my hair — it’s already so dry and damaged i’d hate to inflict more pain on it. i’d love something beautifully candy colored like pink or purple, but i’m asian and have darkish skin tone so it wouldn’t look good. so, i’ll keep it the way it is… also, my corporate lifestyle probably won’t allow for things like hair dye. ever. sad.

    • Thanks! I loved it red too, but it’s been so mucked about with that it’s going to take me a while to get it back to anywhere resembling normal… Anyway, I get what you mean about the damaged! Mine’s feeling ok at the moment, but if I use a chemical dye on it the ends get all frizzy which never used to happen 😦 You could always try a wig if your lifestyle means you can’t dye it? I’m quite tempted to try it 🙂

  2. missclamshell says:

    OOOOh a wig — haha, I feel like that would be so uncomfortable though >< but I suppose I could try it for a few hours at a time? For now, I"m just experimenting with way bright and colorful makeup. I'm beginning to think that bright red nail polish is going to be my STAPLE.

    • Bright red nail polish is a good way to inject colour into your life! I knew someone who wore a wig every day to work, and someone else I know wears them to go out in fancy dress. I’ve never really tried one, but I always think it could be fun to be able to change your look so quickly 🙂

  3. Kate says:

    Love all of it, spesh the red!

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