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Doctor, I have a problem.

on October 18, 2012

I have been afflicted for many years with the same terrible illness. I have a fatal case of the “just in case-ies”. Those of you who also suffer from this, I feel your pain. Most notably a physical pain induced from carrying way too much stuff wherever you go.

Symptoms include, but are not limited to: not being able to leave the house without your bag or pockets stuffed full; not being able to leave the house without a receptacle for your stuff; not being able to walk straight because the weight of what you are carrying is weighing you down unevenly; not being comfortable if you don’t have XYZ and the kitchen sink with you; jealous looks at those who appear only to carry a phone; and the regular cry of “But I need it JUST IN CASE”.

Argh. I’m not even a parent and I have been afflicted with the JiC disease (can’t be bothered to keep typing it out over and over again!) to the extent that I can’t carry a little handbag – it has to be at least twice to size of my head. I even have an offshoot case of: giant bag, must fill it with even JiC stuff. *Sigh* It’s a wonder I’m not three foot shorter.

Daily life is rife with terrors for someone with JiC disease – there are so many unknowns! Today I had one specific lecture on campus, but I had to bring my diary just in case I needed to write something down in it, or I had to check something about where the lecture was, or some other justification. Did I? Nope. I also brought my camera with me, just in case I saw something beautiful and just HAD to take a photo. I do this every time I go anywhere, and the grand total of photos taken is zilch. I also bring along enough batteries to feed a small battery fuelled elephant, just in case they run out. I also brought my Kindle with me, just in case I was early and didn’t have anything to do in all of five minutes waiting to get into the room. Did I read it? Nope!

A more serious case is that I always have to have deodorant, body spray and my make up bag with me. I get that the make up bag is unnecessary, but you wouldn’t believe how many other people are grateful for me taking it with me everywhere! The deodorant thing is that I’m very body odour conscious and I can’t stand the idea that I might smell. So I use deodorant and body spray waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much.

I always have multiple hair bands on my wrists – well you never know when you might need to tie your hair up! In four bunches… *ahem*. My JiC scarf is getting away as a “fashion accessory” – I saw many people on campus with scarves tied around their bags so it kinda looks like I’m fitting in…? Right guys…? Alright, that’s a downright lie. Plus I have about seventeen pens scooting around in the bottom of most of my bags, just in case one of them runs out, or I need a pencil. This is me on a normal day – just wait until you get me on a panicky exam day. Then I have the whole stationery cupboard with me.

It’s no better on holiday; normally I take a spare set of underwear with me, just in case I need it. This time I thought I’d be good, and only took enough for the number of days we’d actually be there. Can you see what’s coming? Yup, this was the ONLY sodding time that I’ve ever done that, and we ended up staying an extra day so I had to wash pants in the sink and hope that they’d dry in time. Not cool. Not cool at all.

The first step to recovery is accepting your problem. World: I carry too much crap with me. Sometimes it’s sensible, most of the time it’s not. But you MIGHT JUST NEED IT SOMEDAY. I point you to the pants fiasco. Nobody needs damp pants on a train.


4 responses to “Doctor, I have a problem.

  1. I have a friend who suffers from the same condition! We’ve always either mocked her or thought she was being completely high maintenance. On the brightside, if we’re out for dinner and a light goes out in the restaurant, guess who always has a spare lightbulb in the bottom of her purse (okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit). Now that I know it’s actually ‘a thing’, I promise I will try to be more understanding. You are so right though, nobody does need damp pants on a train! : )

    • I’m fairly sure it’s not a real “thing”, so feel free to mock away! I know it’s just my brain being silly and telling me I need everything just in case something terrible happens (very rarely does anything actually happen!)

  2. ohjuliaann says:

    If someone showed me this article and said I wrote it but didn’t remember, I’d believe it. We could not be more alike. My boyfriend calls my purse the ‘baby bag’ and sometimes my cat hides inside and I don’t notice because it is THAT big. I have compartmentalized my cosmetics tote with teeny clear baggies (the kind that hold spare buttons when you buy a sweater) to hold hairpins, bandages, hairties, and a trial size of face powder I keep refilling– and that’s on top of the foldable brush/comb, my compact, my migraine medicine (including prescription information, just in case I needed a refill?)… I also have a small bag for chargers, a pencil case, a wallet, a portable umbrella… Everything. Oh, and the ’emergency snack’. I’m glad to know others have this need to preparedness.

    On the plus side, being prepared is nice. And despite not having children now, it might be helpful if you want them in the future.

    I’ve noticed holding everything small in larger pouches helps. I’m not sure why, though… Maybe organized chaos is better than just chaos?

    • Hiding cats is clearly the priority in choosing a bag. Can a cat fit in this bag? Yes? Proceed straight to checkout without pausing to browse. If no, go straight to the next bag 🙂

      I like to carry things in bags too! Not little clear ones, but fancy fabric ones that I nick from the jewellery people have given me 🙂 Emergency snack? Nice one! I’ve always got a bottle of water in case I get thirsty.

      You are way more organised in your chaos than me! I always tried to tell my parents that my room was a mess, but I knew where everything was and if I tidied up I’d never find anything again. I never did find that hairbrush…

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