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Crikey, I’m a tad sore…

on October 19, 2012

As promised, an update on how my yoga/balance class went. I decided that Thursday classes worked best for me and so with a hesitant step and trepidation in my heart, I set forth for campus once more. I had already traversed the arduous journey that day – at just over two miles each way I was already fatigued from the pace.

Or in other words, I toddled off to campus at high-speed for a second time yesterday because I didn’t want to be late and I needed cash. No worries – even after getting cash, popping to t’loo and eating a banana, I still had a good fifteen minutes to check my emails (read look at Facebook).

I’m not good in new social situations normally, particularly those which involve lots of undignified postures and sweating so I very nearly ran away at the door. Don’t judge me, I’m just strange. Plus literally everyone else had come with at least one other person.

I hadn’t known what to expect – was the instructor going to be nice? Mean? Completely sadistic? Turns out she was very small, and had a good sense of humour when she was inflicting pain on us. Everything was done with appropriate paced music, so I got to listen to Abba while doing speedy core exercises, Oasis while doing stretches and balancing work and then some amazing instrumental pieces while I was comatose on the floor trying to remember how to work my limbs.

It was great though – really well paced so we did intense stuff followed by more relaxed stuff which involved lots of stretching and yoga balance poses. I don’t hurt quite as much as I’d thought I would so I can still move, but there’s still the reminder I did work out last night! Tonight is an hour of belly dancing which I figure will be good cardio, so between 90 minutes of core/flexibility/strength and an hour of cardio, plus four miles walking a day, I should be in good nick very soon!


5 responses to “Crikey, I’m a tad sore…

  1. missclamshell says:

    yay!!!! yoga sounds fabulous — i love it but haven’t found a studio in Los Angeles that doesn’t charge an arm and a leg. berkeley had this great place that was free, called Yoga to the people (it’s entirely donation-based, and you can contribute as much or as little as you can, and mat rentals were only two dollars).

    and walking 2 miles to school sounds insane! that must take so long….

    • 2 miles isn’t really that bad after a while… I’ve got it down to 30 mins from door to door on the way there, but heading back takes a lot longer because I’m normally reading!

      I love the idea of donation bases yoga! This is run by the university and is £5 membership then £2 a class after that. It felt so good to be back into exercising again!

  2. Yoga and belly dancing both sound fantastic! I couldn’t find anyone brave enough to come with me so I did it on my own and loved both. Keep at it and an open mind. I hope you love them both too!

  3. P.S. those belly dancers have fantastic washboard abs!

    • I do love belly dance and yoga – I’ve done both before but this is a renewal with different classes so hopefully it’ll be even more amazing! My abs are nowhere near washboard at the moment, but by the end of the year I’m concentrating on being able to get the control right and do the moves properly!

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