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Busy weekends fail!

on October 29, 2012

I’m never writing a blog online ever again. I just lost my first draft of this one because I hit the refresh button by accident. So this is an ARG moment, but I’m trying again.

I can readily admit that for a good year/eighteen months I was a Bad Friend, but I thought I was doing it for a good reason. Sadly I distanced myself from people who could have helped me, and tried to make a friendship work with someone who has pretty much proved that it wasn’t worth it. I’ve found out some stuff over the weekend that made me realise that it’s time to say goodbye and not try to keep this someone in my life any more. It makes me sad when people aren’t what I thought, but I guess that’s real life for you.

But anyway, bouncy friend on Friday night and a few quick drinks around his place turned into a trip into a cocktail bar where I saw a few other friends that I haven’t seen in an age. Weekly lunches are in the process of being planned so that we can catch up and make sure we see each other more than once every few months! I also was called bondage Snow White because I wore a navy velvet top with this amazing skirt:


I mean, I’m not seeing it but then if we were all the same then life would be very boring. I was a little bit goth that night, but nowhere near this! I was friendly goth 🙂


Saturday was Scarefest at Alton Towers! Up crazy early, Hairy felt poorly but convinced himself by degrees that he’d try to go and ended up having a great time, long walk through Nottingham to the train station, bought lunch to have at breakfast and Hairy found a heart shaped crisp.


Hairy looked amazing, voila a smidge of cane but I didn’t manage to get a good photo of it. He looked very ramshackle, but I think it worked amazingly and he looked the best out of all of us! Image

I made friend with a scarecrow. This is the only photo of me from the entire day because I was too grumpy to pose for photos after this! You get the overall feeling, but it would have been good to have one with Hairy. Never mind, eh lovelies?

We travelled early so we got to be on the train as the sun was cresting the trees. I was terrible and didn’t take many photos because most of the time I was feeling too out of sorts and couldn’t actually feel my fingers. We made it on time, got in early and I tried out this ride, Submission,  when there was hardly anyone around:

Apparently my face was serene the entire time; I tend to either be calm or giggly on a ride. Thirteen (otherwise known as Th13teen) was great fun; a few of us went on it while the others were in the mazes getting jumped out at by actors in make up which Hairy and I hadn’t got tickets for due to price.

By the end of the day I was grump-tastic: cold, tired and having missed our first bus because of a near miss with Hairy’s cane – while we were queuing for Air we left our stuff with t’others – big mistake because we queued for an absolute age and I was shivering so hard by the end of it, we came back to find his cane missing. Searched all over, went to guest services to see if it had been handed in and then reported it stolen. While on the way to the tea cups, we saw a little old lady with a cane that looked exactly like Hairy’s! We asked, and she said she’d found it and was returning it to guest services. Lucky stroke! Cane returned.

Sunday we used to try to recover – we both spent the entire day in slob clothes, even when we had to run to Tesco for essential supplies of cold medicine and milk. I felt completely in a funk all day and kept tearing up for no real reason. *sigh* An entire day of computer games and snacking led to feeling like the world wasn’t quite real. Do you ever get that feeling?

We watched an absolutely appalling 90s Sci-Fi film called Stargate; hilariously appalling but a good way to spend a few hours while we were recovering and before the new Misfits came on. I’m not sure what I think of the start of the new series – if you watched it, what did you think?

Today I still feel like I’m recovering! Still tired, still under the weather and aching in my bones. Hairy’s being a brave soul and soldiering on at work, so all my thoughts are with him today. I just finished reading Black Beauty again for the first time since I was little; I had forgotten how sad it was! I meant to take more photos, but I failed at that. Just remembered how much work I have to do, so I’m off to crawl into a corner with a book and hope for the best. Toodle pip lovelies, and hope your Monday is better than mine!


5 responses to “Busy weekends fail!

  1. missclamshell says:

    Get well soon 🙂 colds are no fun.

  2. missclamshell says:

    oh my god, black beauty was majorly depressing when i read it as a child, too! and my baby cousin just asked me to read her the “kids” version. o_O *shakes head*

  3. shoes says:

    Wow, Scarefest looks like a lot of fun! Sorry you ended up getting sick and the end of your weekend.

    Oh, and I haven’t written a blog post online in forever, ever since I discovered Windows Live Writer because I had similar experiences of loosing posts.

    • It was really good, and next year I’m hoping to do it again but be even more prepared with big scarves and snuggly things, and definitely no corsets!

      I might try that! It’s driven me barmy a couple of times to have written out most of a post, only to have the internet crash or to hit the flipping refresh button and lose it all 🙂 Thanks for dropping by and the advice 🙂

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