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Pumpkin-tastic times.

on November 1, 2012


So as I said yesterday, last night Hairy and I stayed in and carved pumpkins 🙂 We each had a pumpkin so there was no clash of artistic differences but we did follow the same sort of pattern. It was Hairy’s first time of carving pumpkins, can you tell he’s a bit excited? It got really cold in the flat when Hairy came in last night, so he’s wrapped up in my giant purple blanket. I love that thing 😀 Bought it in Siesta, in Canterbury, many many years ago and it’s still with me and making me happy 🙂 Siesta is one of my favourite shops – it’s a hippy shop that sells beautiful clothes, jewellery, musical instruments, ornaments and always smells of incense. I always go there when I have a chance back in Canterbury.


Hairy very intense and focussed on drawing the lid for his pumpkin. His turned out a little bigger than mine, and because he was focussing I got lots of photos of him 🙂 I am rather fond of that beardy face.


See? Just a little bit gormless 😀 I’m so lovely to him! I always wonder about the word gormless – if you can be lacking in gorm, what does gorm look like? Why is no one ever described as being gormful?


Not creepy at all! Hairy isn’t stabbing a pumpkin with a giant knife, honest guv’nor! He actually had many issues with scooping out the innards, so I gave him a hand so that he didn’t feel bad. Nothing like emasculating your other half while disembowelling vegetables!


It’s the crazy country strength… Aside from looking demented, I’m also displaying prodigal wrist strength. Hairy always loves to bring up the fact that my sense of distance is completely distorted depending on where I am! If I’m in the city, i.e. Nottingham, I’ll complain about the smidgiest distance as being miles and miles away, but in the countryside I’ll keep saying “It’s just five minutes away, just over the hill!” Cue another half an hour walk. It just never seems that far in my head!


Lookie my pretty pumpkin! He’s not very thrilling, but as a first attempt I’m pretty happy. He’s still got all his teeth which I was not expecting! We also weren’t sure if we had any candles around but luvkily I had a bag of tealights under the bed and being a pyromaniac, I knew EXACTLY where the matches were 😀 Do you love matches? I love the smell more than anything!


Shot in the dark to show off our efforts! Hairy’s looks a bit special, but it’s so cute! I think they look really great with the candles in – Hairy’s candle actually started to cook the flesh on the underside of his pumpkin’s lid.


Mugshots! Hairy thought his looked bad – I think he’s pretty awesome actually! Mine looks amazing in the shot below – Hairy reckoned that it looked like he was breathing fire.


And finally our bowl of scraped out pumpkin flesh that we’re going to try to turn into pumpkin pie! If we do this again next year, I’m totally buying a separate pumpkin to make the pie because this was just a pain. Ah wellity, we live and learn!

Hairy bought sweets just in case any of the kids in the building came round to trick or treat us, but to his great disappointment nobody turned up! Such a sad day, it means he has to eat them all himself… What did you do for Hallowe’en? What do you think of our pumpkins? How many times can I say pumpkin in one post??


4 responses to “Pumpkin-tastic times.

  1. TBM says:

    I haven’t carved a pumpkin in years. Glad you had fun. And now a pie! enjoy.

  2. Looove your pumpkins! I’m not sure I would have the patience to ever do it.

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