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I’m in an article on the t’interwebs :D

on November 7, 2012

Just over here! Somewhere near the bottom, there’s a rather unfocused photo of me holding up a sign. It was actually a bit of a damp squib yesterday (literally, it rained and I got damp) because they were only there for an hour and a half or so! I turned up at about 10.25, apparently they’d been there for a little while but not too long and just after I left to go for my dissertation meeting they left themselves. Apparently the rain was too much for their poor delicate constitutions!

I’ve been telling everyone about this, but it was the highlight of my protest. One of my friends was there too, and this ‘economist’ kept on and on at her, basically penning her in against the fence so when I ended up stood next to her and he was getting in her face I told him to stop being threatening. Cue him turning on me, shouting that I, yes I, was the one who was being threatening to him, and waving his finger in my face. Luckily the guy in charge of the other side took him away from the front line and put him at the back holding one of their signs.

Apparently being tall, wearing a cloak and speaking up for your friends makes you intimidating. Yay I’m scary! 😀

I then spent the rest of the day chatting with women from the women’s network because we were expecting the Abort67 protesters to come back, but they didn’t. It was a good afternoon, and I had coffee and flapjack. Always a win, right?

I have light in my bathroom again! Hairy’s friend came around and fixed the light for us: he still doesn’t know what he did to fix it but I’m not complaining! No more showering in the flickering light 😀 We had drinks, watched a bit of telly and caught up because we haven’t seen each other in ages – he’s now got a snake. How cool is that? The mountain of washing up in the kitchen is still growing, and now I’m slightly scared of it and don’t know where to start… Tonight is cleaning night, so it must be tackled then!

My dissertation meeting went really well – had a great chat with my tutor about bits and bobs, told her about my health problems and she seemed surprised and told me that I always seemed so positive and it would help me through. I feel like I’m getting somewhere with my reading, and by the next time I see her I have to have a map plan – destinations of what I want to talk about, and what methods and theories I will employ to get me there.

Hairy’s sad – a pretty new top that I bought a while back that arrived in the post yesterday is apparently the exact same top he was planning on buying me for my birthday!

My wishlist:

Red & Black leather rose Utility Belt

It’s so pretty, and I love it so much. Again an etsy find, and a bit out of my price range, but a girl can dream!


3 responses to “I’m in an article on the t’interwebs :D

  1. Yay for being in an article photo!! (Especially for standing up for your beliefs!!!) 🙂

  2. BroadBlogs says:

    Very cool about being in the article.

    Congrats on dissertation progress, too. hang in there.

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