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Well hello there :)

on November 10, 2012

Two whole years and I’m still with the Hairy one!

We waited up until midnight (he fell asleep on the bed listening to the radio) so I could give him his coupons. He loved them in a very sleepy kind of way. This morning had a few icky bits but nothing we couldn’t sort out and so we headed into town to buy our presents for each other. We did that last year – our anniversary kind of just crept up on us and suddenly we had to buy presents! Do you do that? Big events suddenly loom out of the mist like icebergs?

I got Hairy some nice tobacco for his pipe (because he smokes like an old man), and a book from Waterstones in the series by Robert Rankin. Looks pretty awesome, right?

Waiting for Godalming


We had brunch in a fancy cafe place in Nottingham – rather pricy but so pretty! Hairy found me a corner table because I like to hide away from other people. It was called Patisserie Valerie in the Exchange, really lovely food and great service, but it was a bit pricy for everyday eating. I think I’d like to take my sister there the next time she comes up so we can have a nice lunch.


My cup of Suki tea! Hairy said I should get it because it’s another nickname for me 🙂 Plus it came on a board in a really pretty teapot, and it was loose leaf tea. Fancy schamncy tea!


Our food! Can you guess who the full english was for? Mine was Eggs Benedict Royal – beautifully poached eggs on toasted brioche,, with smoked salmon and Hollaindaise sauce. I’ve never really eaten smoked salmon before, it’s on my list of food I’m teaching myself to like but before I’ve only had cooked salmon. I’ve also never had Hollandaise sauce before, so it was a big gamble and luckily it paid off! It was really lovely, but I think I’ll be trying something else next time.


My cupcake! I told Hairy this morning that I fancied a frosted cupcake, and so he got me one as a present 🙂 I so rarely eat sweet stuff now that I only managed half of this before I had to put it away but it was really tasty! It’s actually chocolate underneath which I wasn’t expecting.


Hairy in the pub – got an ale before lunchtime and looking very pleased with himself. He looks a bit sozzled – he’s just not very good at photographs. As you can see below, neither am I. Hairy got me in the middle of talking. I’ve got such an attractive face! You can’t see it properly, but this is my new top! It’s got cobweb sleeves, a hood and is crazily velvet. I really love it, it’s supposed to be freesize but it’s a very small freesize!



There we go, better picture of me and shirt. It’s so pretty 😀 My anniversary present is the lowest necklace – Hairy picked it up from Ice Nine which is still one of my favourite shops in Nottingham! He’s got most of presents from there recently but it’s cool because I love them all. We’ve got Rob Zombie on in the background for last minute cleaning, or rather Hairy ambling around the flat dancing.


Pretty blurry necklace! He went into Ice Nine, got chatting and told the guy he needs a present. To describe me – a little gothy, a little steampunky, a little hippy.


Hairy’s really got a thing about pulling silly faces – most recently it’s a ninja red panda that he’s in love with. He’s just popped off to smoke his pipe, muttering “All the people who read your blog must think I’m a stoner!”. To be fair, most of his photos don’t show him in his best light!

This is my day so far. Till the next time!


One response to “Well hello there :)

  1. Happy Anniversary! Sounds like a wonderful day spent together!!! 🙂

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