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Where did the time go?

on November 28, 2012

Since when was it nearly the end of November? That’s not cool. I demand my time back!

I’ve been absent for the past few days because it was the weekend, and then Hairy and I trundled down to London to get our Rob Zombie fix. That’s some of his music, and he looks like this:

I think he could pass as one of Hairy’s family pretty easily!

It was an amazing gig, I had a great time and I’m now completely penniless. Sounds about right! I’ve also been incredibly lucky – my camera’s started working again, and although I thought that my 3rd attempt at a Kindle had broken too it started working again this morning! So now I just need to deal with the giant phone bill and needing to get Christmas presents in a two week period.

We got down to London for about 2pm, popped straight to the hotel room and met up with Hairy’s friends for a nice pick me up before getting dressed. I didn’t get a before photo, and I think it would actually have terrified Mother dearest to see what I wore. I wore this although I got mine heavily discounted from that price! We got to the O2 arena and had a few cocktails before we went in – we only paid for three in the end because Hairy’s friends have known him for years and so are completely used to buying him drinks! We caught the end of Marilyn Manson from the seated area, and as soon as he was offstage we pelted it towards the queue for the standing area. Sounds like a complete reversal of the norm, right?

I ended up with Hairy’s friend Olaf (not his name, but it’s a cool thing to call him and has a story behind it), right at the very front. I was maybe two people from the front railings, which would explain the massive bruises I’ve got all over! I feel like I’ve been wearing a full body corset and I’m definitely never going to forget this gig 🙂 I wish that I’d been with Hairy, but we just got separated in the crush and met up afterwards and I was very well looked after. Apparently Olaf had to fend off overly amorous people, although I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have noticed anything! It was packed so tightly in there that sometimes I lost my feet but was held up by the people around me.



This is what I wore to travel in! If you hadn’t guessed, I really like velvet and have a really messy front room. Hairy and I just don’t do tidy.



It’s a narwhal skull! Mostly they only get one tusk, but sometimes they grow a second one. It looks pretty deadly 😀 Hairy also looks pretty dead because he was still horrendously hungover at this point.


Whales! And elephants! And mammoths! Mostly I wanted to see the blue whale, so after this point I was happy just to follow Olaf and Hairy around. We met up with Olaf because he didn’t have to go back to Portsmouth for a while and enjoys Hairy’s company. It did mean that we didn’t get to be cutesy like we otherwise would have been, but it was a good day anyway.



Hairy pulled many funny faces, but I decided you only needed to see this one. Hairy also had a sad moment when he got on a pair of scales to see how much he weighed in comparison to things like polar bears and blue whales, and he weighed a lot more than he expected to I think! He’s now on healthy eating and I’m going to beat him into exercising because it will be good for him.

On the way back to Nottingham, I sat in St Pancras station under Hairy’s coat while he toddled off to get coffee. This culminated in a lovely gentleman dropping a sandwich and cup of coffee in front of me because he thought I looked like I was homeless. On the one hand, it’s good to know that there are people out there kind enough to give someone lunch because they look cold and hungry, but on the other hand apparently I looked scruffy enough to be homeless! Not exactly the look I was going for, to be brutally honest.

I’m tired and ill, and still have work to do so I’m offski. Thanks to all you lovely people who’ve still been checking my blog out even though I’ve been absent!


7 responses to “Where did the time go?

  1. Sarah says:

    Lol, the end part about the free lunch made me laugh! Did you tell the kind gentleman that you are not in fact homeless?

  2. MotherDearest says:

    Well, I have to say I was more distressed that you were sitting on the dirty floor and looking homeless than that you apparently went to the gig wearing a couple of black & red hankies pinned at the sides! Your travelling outfit looks lovely though. But didn’t you tidy your flat fairly recently for the party? You know we’ve only just found the carpet in your old bedroom! Catch up, child – I’ve just got the chocolates for the Advent (which I guess Pops and I will have to eat ourselves as we don’t have either of you home before Christmas. Much loves,

    • It wasn’t that dirty! They were good hankies anyway, and I did have shorts and a crop top on underneath. We did tidy it, but then we lived in it. You know what happens when I’m exposed to a room for any sort of time!

  3. rebeccaalice14 says:

    I also suffer from being held up during gigs by much taller people! The sufferings of small people…so jealous of cocktails, Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson in one evening!

  4. Stephyy says:

    Hey Susie! I just nominated you for a liebster award! Congrats! Details here: 🙂

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