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My library day.

on January 2, 2013

So yes, I am massively procrastinating but I thought that my blog definitely hasn’t had enough pictures recently, so I took some to share with you lovely people. Look at the pretty but somewhat dreary view from my seat in the library! In the summer it’s really beautiful to look out over campus and get the blue skies and green trees as inspiration, but sadly today it’s chilly and grey.Image

Definitely not colourless! My Christmas present from Hairy – crazy socks, lovingly modelled by my feet. They’re actually over the knee socks but I rolled them down so they weren’t too glaringly obvious on my walk to uni. Yes, I am wearing green tights, purple and yellow socks and a purple and orange dress (you just can’t see it in this picture). It shouldn’t go, and it doesn’t. I just like the colours 🙂


Here’s my face looking suitably excited about the prospect of holing up in the library for the next few hours. I keep realising (which woul make my sister very happy) that I actually have incredibly pale eyebrows that kind of disappear in photos… *Sigh* Yes, you were right. I have daftly light eyebrows.


My actual diary that I actually own because Mother Dearest and Pops got it for me for Christmas 😀 Remember it was one of my wish list Wednesday things a while back? Well now it’s mine and is filling up with important essay deadlines, but that’s ok because it’s so darn cute. Plus knees. Everyone needs more knees in their life, they just don’t know it yet…


And my beautiful earrings that I kinda thought that I’d lost but then turned up in the top of my camera case because apparently that’s the safest place in the world to keep pretty earrings. *end sarcasm* Seriously, I sometimes wonder what my brain is on. But anywho, lovely shiny things for my ears from my very awesome sister who also got me the most AMAZING skirt. I’m not so good at skirt shots. I can do knees. I like knees…


My cubbyhole! Surprisingly few books, but I haven’t gone on the hunt yet. I will be padding through the shelves in stockinged feet as well because I don’t like wearing shoes any more than I have to. Yes, that’s my Facebook feed that you can see open there. Good intentions got me to the library, they just haven’t guilted me into working yet.


And finally my kind of view to the right, if I stick my hand over the partition and hope that it’ll take a picture but not be too noisy because I’m actually on the silent working floor that you’re not supposed to eat on. Cue overly noisy pretzel snack…


Plus one more thing! People have been searching for my blog by name, which makes me pretty happy. I don’t think many people would be searching for it otherwise, so I’m just curious who those mystery people are that are looking for me… Maybe I shouldn’t post detailed things about my life all over the internet then. Maybe next time will be just close ups of my nose. I don’t know. What do you think?


4 responses to “My library day.

  1. MotherDearest says:

    Umm – so, the searching by name thing is probably partly my fault! I may have mentioned to an auntie or so over Christmas how entertaining your blog is … Well, they follow your Facebook blitherings anyway! Should I stop? Mum x

  2. Sadie Jasper says:

    I’m one of the Aunties your Mum mentioned your blog to. I love reading about what you’re up to but will unsubscribe if you’d rather I didn’t. X

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