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Wish list Wednesday.

on January 9, 2013

I guess as it’s Wednesday, the day before my 22nd birthday, this makes it the perfect day to write a wish list.

Materially I’m pretty comfortable, Hairy is great and buys me wonderful things that I never thought to ask for that make me happy because they summarise who he thinks I am. That’s partly why I love presents, because they show me what the other person thinks I’m like and what I’d like. As shown when Hairy’s Nottingham brother brought me back a runic necklace from his holiday in Iceland that showed Ansuz, ‘cosmic’. He remembered calling me cosmic at some point, and so that present took on meaning because I was thought of. For Christmas he bought me an amazing purple poncho, because one time in a market I said I liked it. My sister got me a beautiful skirt from my favourite shop because the people in my life know me so well and get me the most wonderful things

Otherwise, I’d love for it to be spring. Nobody enjoys January, so everyone’s always a bit grumpy on my birthday because it’s cold, wet and grey and everyone’s getting over the holiday period and getting back to work/university/school. I’d like to have some warm weather again, because although I love rainy days I’d like to be able to sit in the flat and not turn into an ice cube while wearing a gazillion layers.

I’d like more days like the last little bit of last night. After sitting there, crying a bit because I’m so incredibly fed up of work and I hate my essays and my computer so much, working more and finally getting the words written that I needed to, I got to make cookies and be silly at Hairy. I demanded cookies after dinner, he made me work and so I made his phone have a fit by sending him a hundred messages all saying something along the lines of “COOKIES NAAAAAAAAAAOW”. I was pretty insistent! Then I got to make cookies and I made these lovely bundles of nom that don’t look anything like a real cookie but taste delicious because they’re made with coconut, oats and cinnamon.

My new new new Kindle arrived today! I’m very impressed as it only got sent out yesterday. I have been having a right saga with my Kindle, so I’m rather unhappy with it at the moment. My first: developed lines on the screen, needed to be replaced. Righty-ho said Amazon, no problem. We’ll send you out another. Second Kindle:  never arrived. Hellooooooooooo? Said I, Where be my Kindle? Aha! Exclaimed Amazon, must have been a delivery problem. Here, have another one! Woop woop! Hollered I, This makes me happy for now I can read all the lovely books I’ve been planning to for ages. But aha once more, says Kindle Numero Trois. No no no, we cannot have you enjoying this! Bye bye battery, I shall refuse to hold charge for more than an hour. Yah boo sucks, I leer in the Kindle’s general direction and complain my little socks off.

So yeah, new Kindle, yet more time dedicated to organising the books and hoping against hope that this one will behave itself. It is a great little thing, but at the moment it’s way more trouble than it’s worth.

And yes, they’re incredibly tacky but I have no taste anyway. I think these gloves are in fact rather cute. From the dorothy perkins website.

This is pretty:

Apparently they’re called slave bracelets, and this is just one of the pretty ones from Etsy.

I’ve always liked the idea of linked jewellery, like the ones where a ring is attached to a bracelet, or your earrings all join up with a chain or something like that.

Look! There are lots of them!

Andromache - Slave Bracelet Ring - Antique Brass Filigree Made in USA findings

Andromache, with a matching headpiece!   


Rhea - Slave Bracelet Ring - Antique Gold Filigree Made in USA findings

Gothic Renaissance Silver Dragon "Slave Bracelet" Ring. Red belly Silver Dragon. Gunmetal Chains. Adjustable Fits 6" to 8"

It’s got a dragon on it!

And an abalone one

And some examples of earrings:

Beautiful Feathers Silver Double Chain Stud Earring

Apparently I have a thing about feathers. Ah well, this is really adorable and comes in a pair which is unusual. Woohoo for pretties!

Steampunk Ear Cuff With Chains, Garnets And Stud Earrings

So so pretty, and garnet is actually my birth stone… 😀 Over here

Dream Catcher Ear Cuff Chain Cartilage Earring- Pink Feather Dreamcatcher Charm Stud Earcuff Piercing

Not pink, but I love the look of this!


One response to “Wish list Wednesday.

  1. So many pretties! I know what you mean about presents, it’s always fantastic when someone gives you something that says they know you really well. Hope you have a lovely birthday!

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