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It had to happen.

on February 1, 2013

Sorry for being so absent – I’ve been getting over exams, having parents to stay and then starting back at university for my last semester so everything’s been a bit over the place. But at the same time, I’ve barely been doing anything interesting enough to warrant a blog post!

I’m doing three compulsory modules this term – all three with Piercings Viking, but only one with the other Lady Viking which makes me slightly sad. One each in history, archaeology and english so it’s a nice balanced term, although I wish I didn’t have to do the archaeology one. Tis the only one that Toss Pot (ex-friend who is going to be called that when I’m feeling particularly mean) shares with me, and I’m hoping against hope that he won’t be in my seminar with me.

I’m enjoying being in classes with people that I like though – it makes a complete contrast to last term where I didn’t know many people in my classes and spent a lot of time alone going slightly crazy. The english module is based on Old Norse Icelandic sagas and translations, so I’ll have to focus on that quite strongly so that my language doesn’t lag behind too badly. The history means another assessed student seminar which isn’t my strong point, but I’m looking forward to it as I’m doing it on the conversion of the Anglo Saxons and it’s only a small class this year. Although last year’s assessed seminar – being on penitentials and sexuality meant that we did have a hilarious time trying not to giggle at the funny looks that we got in the library discussing bestiality and the correct punishment for other such naughties in early Christianity.

Also, my harp arrived. I’m thrilled with it, and have been learning about it because I didn’t really know what was involved until it turned up. I have since learnt that mine is called a Baby Harp, having only 12 strings which makes it a lap harp. Consequently it’s a pain to try to play anything on because I have to retune it for each and every key. Plus it doesn’t have levers so I can’t change the note to a flat or sharp if necessary, so unless my F-string is already tuned to be an F sharp I can’t make it play that note. And I need to get some more music for beginner harpists on a Baby harp.

That said, it’s beautiful and I’m really enjoying plinking on it and trying to figure out how to play with both hands. I’m using old piano finger exercises to help me with my left hand as I’m very strongly right handed – meant I was a rubbish pianist, but I wasn’t too bad with my clarinet.

Here we go, gratuitous self shots 😀


I would say please forgive the messy bed, but I’m totally ok with it. Also – HARP! Isn’t she pretty?


Here we go. These are purely gratuitous shots because I’m holding a harp and it’s amazing.


Look! It’s my face and I totally have my fingers on harp strings!


Because you have to have a serious face when playing the harp. That’s a lie, and I’m totally using the wrong hand position here but hey ho. I nearly dropped the harp on the laptop while I was playing around as well. Oops…


And once more my harp. And Hairy’s sock hiding on the side. Ah well, can’t be perfect every time 😀

I went back to balance class last night for the first time since before Christmas. Before you judge – it hasn’t been on since last term so ha! I am being virtuous and going when I can. It was really busy, but I managed to get in and hide in the back before anyone else claimed my spot. I ended up with wobbly legs and not for a good reason! But the moves have been changed up a little and some of them I actually find easier than before – for example, you get on hands and knees, extend right arm and left leg and hold. Swap and repeat until your body wants to collapse. Or hands and knees it again, extend your right leg backwards, then bend it into your chest so you can kiss your knee then stretch it back again. Swap and repeat on your left leg – but if you’re a sucker for punishment like me, you do that on hands and toes so it’s harder.

Hairy and I are off to Loughborough tonight for a friend’s leaving do, and then we’re spending tomorrow being sociable. Hairy’s Nottingham brother and an old friend are coming around to play Torchlight II, then we have another friend for the evening. But never the twain shall meet, for late night friend despises old friend and life would be insufferable if they were in the same place at the same time.

It feels like Suddenly, Seymour everyone wants our time. There is an invitation to Sheffield for a house party, birthday drinks at the pub, someone else has asked us if we want to go drink with them as well… It’s nice to be wanted for company again, but surely they could have spread out the invitations over more than one weekend? The cheek of it 😀


And finally, a goth cone. Taken way back when it was still snowy, and I saw these adorable little fellows. Look at how cute they are!


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