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Today is not my day.

on February 20, 2013

I’m beginning to despise Wednesdays. They’ve never been my favourite day of the week – right in the slump of energy because it’s the furthest away from the weekend and salvation as you can get. Or is that just me? Do you like Wednesdays?

I’ve just had a spate of money related badness. There’s that EDF bill that Hairy and I have paid half of, but can’t afford to pay the rest because it’s seven months worth of electricity (not our fault – it’s become a joke among the wardens that we are the only people who have chased the company for our bill), so we’re having to put that off until next month because I don’t get any more money until April. Sucks to be a student. On top of that, Amazon have screwed up royally and charged me £70 because their system didn’t recognise that I had returned that sodding Kindle a month ago. This has joyously put me over my overdraft limit, and it’s going to take two to three business days to give me back MY money which the scoundrels took.

This morning a lovely little letter popped through our door, saying that our water bill also needs to be paid now. I know this all sounds bad; Hairy and I are notoriously bad with money but it’s all happened in one month and I don’t get that much student loan. It’s stressing me out royally, and I’m worrying that yet again we’re going to have to borrow off people just so that we can live. We don’t live extravagantly, but Hairy’s having to support both of us on his not very large salary. Sad face to the maximum.

I’ve also got to do a presentation tomorrow – something that I absolutely hate with all my soul. It makes me anxious and uncomfortable having to speak in front of large groups – mostly it’s to do with the anticipation and once I’m actually doing it it’s not that bad. There’s a saga I need to read, Icelandic pronouns I need to look over and some more translation I need to be doing. Hence why I’m here, talking to you. I’m freaking out and the best way I’m dealing with it is to run away and know that I’ll be able to manage it tomorrow. Weird, huh? Would be best to be preparing and working, but I’ll be fine anyway.

I had fun taking photos of myself. It’s a terrible habit, but if I start taking photos I just can’t stop. I used to do it as a teenager, finding the most flattering angle and snapping away. I look best in sepia or black and white, but I figured I don’t need a hundred photos for my post today.


I was looking at the camera, but then my laptop distracted me.


Insert your own caption here. I’m figuring “OH DEAR LORD WHAT THE FUDGE IS GOING ON HERE?!?!”


Meh. Standard Myspace shot, but I like it. Yay woot for green velvet! I sound like some sort of hero…


The manifestation of my stresses. Bills, laptop, postal things, books to read and a distinct lack of wealth. It’s times like these that I regret giving up my waitressing job – at least I could guarantee a bit of money at the end of the month then. Not long till I join the working world though.


And just so you don’t get some sort of idea that I only post flattering photos. Hello shiny face and greasy hair because I’m still trying to cut out shampoo. (I found that weirdly hard to type – I ended up with “shampee”)


Here we go: blemishes, shiny skin, giant forehead and all. The things I do in the name of fairness. I blame Hairy – he has this idea of utter fairness, and I have to say that I am still wearing make up and there were some that were worse than this but I deleted before getting the urge to put up slightly more honest photos (I am overly vain still).

My wish list for today? That we manage to pay our bills, my university work goes well and that I get a big hug from Hairy when he comes home tonight.


3 responses to “Today is not my day.

  1. Carrie Rubin says:

    Sometimes everything hits at once, it seems. I hope your presentation went well. It can be such a relief to get things like that over with.

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