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Getting somewhere!

on February 25, 2013

Yay woot! Hairy and I had a very productive day yesterday and are now sorted on direct debits for both electricity and water, so we don’t have to pay everything in one lump sum. I feel like a proper grown up, even though it’s taken us half a year to get to this point! Oops…

Anyway, had a bit of an odd weekend. We had a friend to stay again which was fine but she’s having trouble in her relationship and while she’ll listen to advice, she won’t do anything to get herself out of something that makes her so unhappy. So while part of the evening was amazing, before she turned up I got a burst of hyper and bounced around the house at Hairy while we were tidying. He ended up getting alcohol just so I’d have an excuse for being that hyperactive!

I know that this friend is having a tough time, but still she never really asks me about my life, or my university work, or even any of the problems that I have. She says that she’d love to be there for me but I’ve got Hairy and everything in my life is all peachy and perfect. Not exactly the way I feel about it, which meant I ended up incredibly frustrated by the end of Saturday. Particularly as Hairy had buggered off to spend the afternoon with his brother!

That said, the rest of the weekend was lovely. Hairy and I stole the mattress from the spare bedroom and had a full on sleepover affair in the living room! We had popcorn and jelly sweets for dinner, watched scary films and woke up stiff and cold 😀

We made gnocchi for the first time! I’ve never even eaten the stuff before, let alone cooked it so it was an adventure. Followed a recipe, mucked it up a little bit and ended up with gnocchi soaked in butter with sausage sauce. I’m proud of my crazy little potato dumplings, and we have enough for another meal!

I was incredibly brave just now, and took out my lip piercing for the first time since I got it done last May/June. It’s back in again now, but I’ve loosened the ball so it should be easier to take in and out now, and so I can change it up a bit! It felt so incredibly weird, and was kind of sore putting it back in but I’m getting there with it. I’m planning on shocking Hairy tonight by taking it out and not saying anything. How long do you think it would take him to notice? Bearing in mind he didn’t notice the last time I got my hair cut (by my lovely sister)…

Well, my plan to be good and go to the library has been royally scuppered. I just had a few phone calls that ate up my morning, so I think I’ll be staying at home and working from my desk today. I can get a fair bit done, and still have work to do tomorrow.

Also, I saw an article about the Oscars last night. Normally (even now) I have no interest in it, but it came up on my Facebook and it was so incredibly sexist! The host sang a song about seeing actresses’ boobs – I kid you not, and whenever the camera was on their faces they looked pretty angry/annoyed. I was happy that Life of Pi won so many, but the only thing that the news could cover this morning was Daniel Day-Lewis.

I’m going to go and comfort eat something healthy. Grarg.


3 responses to “Getting somewhere!

  1. Carrie Rubin says:

    The Boob song was weird, but I thought some of his other comments were even tackier. But everybody’s talking about Seth McFarlane’s job as host this morning, so I guess he accomplished what was desired. 🙂

    • Sadly that’s the way things seem to be! Any attention is good attention, even though I disliked the way he was! I didn’t watch the Oscars personally, but I agree that the Boob song wasn’t the only tasteless thing.

  2. […] tornado of fury? EDF energy, that rubbish electricty provider again. You remember I felt like I was getting somewhere only two days ago? Well EDF came along and stomped all over my rainbow so now I’m sad and […]

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