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Last night was a bit of a chore.

on February 26, 2013

I made a massive mistake last night and took out my lip ring to surprise Hairy and be able to give him a kiss without a bit of metal in the way. Then I left it out while I ate dinner, just for a bit of a change and because I thought it would be fine. It wasn’t. I haven’t been able to get the stupid thing back in again because it started shrinking and I’m a wuss and can’t deal with pain. Not only the shrinkage problem (anyone else have a filthy mind?), but the curve of the ring meant that I couldn’t simply push it through forcefully – probably would have ripped another hole. OUCHIES!

Argh. Now I’m having to go back to the piercing studio today to get it sorted out and I’m reeeeeeeeeeeally scared because I don’t like A) pain, B) needles, C) even the thought of possibly being told off. I know they won’t, I know it probably won’t hurt too much but I’m still sat here in the library freaking out a little bit. Not as badly as last night though. That was full on shaking and sniffling and being properly irrational, which drove Hairy around the bend.

Figured out yesterday that one thing that is guaranteed to make Hairy see red is when he is unable to help me when I’m hurt/crying (yesterday was a beautiful mess of both), and one of my complete failures is that I’m rubbish at being helped in those situations. I want him to be able to read my mind and know when I want hugs, when I want to be left alone and mostly what’s upsetting me. So our wonderful communication breaks down during points of stress because I can’t deal with things and retreat into a little ball, which frustrates Hairy, which makes me retreat even further in an attempt not to annoy him more. YAY for crazy!

We ended up having a rather tearful (on my part) and confusing (sorry Hairy, but definitely on your part) conversation trying to sort this all out. After that, things got better but I’m still heartbroken about my lip ring.

Plus (sorry male readers) this is definitely not the right time of the month for dealing well with stress. I’m in the throes of evil hormones from hell, with an assessed seminar this Thursday and a sore lip because I kind of made it bleed….

This wasn’t meant to be a rant, but it’s turned out that way.


6 responses to “Last night was a bit of a chore.

  1. MotherDearest says:

    Oh my darling girl! Have you some ice you can put on it? What about using the straight shank of another earring to open the piercing a little? If you ate, it might be an idea to rinse the lip inside & out with some warm salt water to cleam & soothe it a bit. Try to keep your tongue off it until you can see someone – will they perhaps be able to change it for a thinner ring now?Xxxx

    • I could get the blunt end of a really thin needle through, but anything bigger was incredibly painful and by that point I think it was getting swollen.
      I rinsed it out with salt water and TCP, and sucked on plenty of ice cubes last night! I’m going to go and get a bar fitted because that’ll be a change and easier to take in and out. xxx

  2. Vodka. I always recommend extremely strong vodka for any oral pain. Salt water is good too, but vodka really hits. Don’t drink it by the way although bit of a waste. Smirnoff Blue is my antiseptic of choice.

    • I love being recommended alcohol to solve problems! I’ll pick up some vodka on the way home then, as hopefully they will have been able to put some sort of metal back in my face.

      • I recommended it on FaceBook a while ago and one American woman was enraptured with it and promptly recommended it to others having ghastly root canal treatment. The original recommend to me came from a dentist, so it’s not without some credibility. Hope you feel better quickly.

  3. Oh, and it needs to be more than 40%. It must be strong. Better painkiller.

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