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I'm a modern day Viking, navigating my way through a stormy sea of stuff.

Have some more rage.

on February 27, 2013

Seriously I’m sure you’re fed up of my rage, but as my blog tag thingy says, “I’m a modern day Viking, navigating my way through a sea of stormy stuff”. I guess I just didn’t expect so much to make me angry! I’m not a very angry person in life – most of my friends have only seen me angry once or twice, and it tends to scare them because I’m one of life’s “happy people”. Honestly, I’ve heard it a lot that I’m annoyingly happy.

BUT I’ve already done an angry email and an annoyed conversation this morning. I may have emailed my cousin and sworn a lot in her general direction (not at or because of her! Just because it made me feel a bit better) And why the tornado of fury? EDF energy, that rubbish electricty provider again. You remember I felt like I was getting somewhere only two days ago? Well EDF came along and stomped all over my rainbow so now I’m sad and angry, and Hairy and I have had to set up an installment plan to pay off the back log of bill WHICH WASN’T OUR FAULT.

And breathe…

I’ve somewhat given up on trying to be all crunchy and not use shampoo and conditioner. I caved last night because I was feeling greasy, in pain and generally miserable so I used conditioner to clean my hair. Not quite as bad as using both, but still I feel like a bit of a failure. I’ll be trying again soon, but for the moment I don’t want to be trying to deal with it.

I’m sure you’re all dying to know what happened with my errant lip piercing! Turns out I was originally pierced with a 1.6mm ring, but when the blokey went to try that in my lip it wouldn’t fit and we found out that overnight it had shrunk down to 1.2mm and closed up quite a lot because when he put the tool thing through I felt a pop and a tear and A LOT of pain.

On the plus side I learnt that I’m good at dealing with large amounts of pain – like when I was about ten and had to have parts of my toenails removed. I remember being told that I could squeeze my dad’s hand or even swear (small child shocked face), but I didn’t even though it felt like the needles were going right through my feet. This time there was a needle going all the way through my lip, but no swearing until about half an hour later. I’ve had a bar put in, so it’s not quite so obvious as the ring and it’s really quite unobtrusive! So much so that I’ve had to pull a gazillion stupid faces trying to get a photo of it while not gurning.


Honestly that;s about the best you’re going to get.

Peace out.


3 responses to “Have some more rage.

  1. Vinegar is a great conditioner for darker hair (lemon juice for blond). Leaves it really shiny and no gunk. And NO! it doesn’t smell after you get out of the shower and rinse it out either. I’m trying to slowly use up the conditioner I have, but 9/10 times I use the vinegar.

    I haven’t tried bicarb for washing though. I’m full of useful one word tips aren’t I? Vinegar. Vodka. (I wonder what the next V word will be? :D)

    • I have done both bicarb and vinegar, but I’ve given up for the moment because I’m a quitter 😀
      Ooh! Now I’m so tempted to see if I can get another V-tip out of you in my next post… (Also, my mind needs to be scrubbed out with soap)

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