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Somehow it’s Monday again.

on March 4, 2013

I had Sister dearest to stay over the weekend as her other half has toddled off to Saudi Arabia for work for a few weeks and she wanted company and we haven’t met up in a while. It was really lovely having her to stay – first time for everything! So far she’s always come up and stayed at her boyfriend’s granny’s house, so it was a little bit odd having her actually in my flat! This morning was a little bizarre though as she got a Skype call from our granny, literally just to say hello.

We spent most of Saturday in the pub while Hairy went off and had ridiculous things done to his hair for a friend’s night out – had it all done up in spikes, which looked daft and was even worse to get out. I couldn’t go along but had a really good time catching up and tried sushi for the first time! It was rather delicious in fact, but then I had a whole pizza and couldn’t move for the rest of the evening. Sunday we checked out the Nottingham Vintage Fair – pretty good fun, but I’m broke and there were so many people there it was impossible to look at anything properly! We’ve also eaten way too much popcorn, watched a seriously dodgy movie but then made up for it with Disney. Good times 🙂

This weekend has somewhat brought home to me the fact that I’ll have to start thinking about jobs seriously soon. I’m wavering again about what I actually want to do – I’d almost made up my mind that I was going to apply for Explore Learning which is the company where my sister works, but it would involve stupidly long hours and probably pretty anti social working times too. So bearing in mind that Hairy leaves the house at 7am, if I were to have a job where I didn’t make it home until about 8.30pm at the earliest then I’d rarely see him. What about weekends I hear you cry? Well, if sister mine is anything to go by then I’ll be working the weekends for at least a year until I become a manager and even then it’s not necessarily guaranteed.

At the moment I don’t know. I’m looking into graduate schemes but all they do is strike fear into my heart and make me despair for my future. I know that a graduate job will be better paid and give me better prospects for my career but it all just terrifies me! I’m not very career driven, in fact I’d rather not have to do anything just yet but I know that’s not possible. Ideally I’d like to go straight into travelling, but financially that isn’t going to be possible just yet.

I’d love to own a little hippy shop, but the set up costs are currently prohibitive and it would tie me to Nottingham for a very long time. I’d like to do something with my degree, but not become a teacher (as that seems about the only option that crops up again and again!) I like to work with people and animals, but the nearest zoo is too far away and I have no car. I’m very drawn towards charity work, but I’m rubbish at fundraising. Working in the performance industry also appeals – I love getting involved in festivals and shows but I don’t want to leave Hairy for the amount of time I’d need to be away working. Same with children’s camps and TEFL opportunities.

All the graduation opportunities/schemes are aimed at becoming a manager – while I’m a good team leader, I don’t want to be a manager (mostly it’s the “corporate” image it conjures up in my head and I like to think of myself as a bit of a “free spirit” :P) Maybe I’ll have to start looking further abroad, and consider moving from Nottingham; perhaps I’ll just have take whatever I can get and forget about starting off with a higher wage, just to get some money in the bank.


9 responses to “Somehow it’s Monday again.

  1. Sarah says:

    I’m exactly the same – not really career driven at all! The thought of getting a proper job gives me butterflies!

    • It does make me rather worried sometimes! It’s a big concern, and I’ve never been any good at office work. I’m disorganised and prefer being outside 🙂 I’d love to work in a zoo!

      • Sarah says:

        I’ve never actually tried office work, but I can’t say the thought really appeals to me. A zoo would be amazing though! Not sure if you would need a zoology degree for that though…

      • Not for just general work in a zoo, that’s more customer service I’d think. I think the zoology would be for more important jobs 😀

      • Sarah says:

        Oh I see, sorry, my imagination went straight to working with the Elephants 😛 No grasp on reality!

  2. keelyellenmarie says:

    I’m career-driven, but not really in a I-want-power-and-prestige kind of way. I just want to feel like I am using my talents to do something good in the world. And seeing as I’m not independently wealthy, I either need to get paid to do that or I need a decent-paying job that takes up relatively little time/energy/brainspace so that I can do my real work on the side.

    Personally, I’m hoping that some kind of technical medical writing (like for pharma companies, biotechs, etc) will be something I can get into and that will eventually pay the bills, and that I’ll be able to arrange my work life so I have time for other things that are important to me. But for now, I’m just aiming for anything that will pay the bills/put a roof over my head, which for me means teaching/tutoring at the moment. Meh. Hopefully it will work out.

    • I’m sure it will work out in the end. It always does somehow!
      I agree, I want to feel like I’m doing something with my life. My family have always hated the idea of “wasted potential”, which is partly why I’m so worried about what sort of job to get!

  3. Take your time, better to not start a career for a bit and be happy with it, then to rush because you think you have to, and get stuck in something you are not happy with !! I would pick something that really appeals to you and try it out, if you do not like it, try the next one on your list !! If you are happy at work, life is so much nicer !!

    • Thanks for the advice! At the moment I think I might get a fairly standard job as soon as I graduate, just to get some money in so that we can pay the bills. At least if it’s only a retail job, I won’t feel so bad about leaving for a better opportunity!

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