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A life without facebook.

on March 13, 2013

It’s so weird, sat here working and trying to resist the urge to go check my facebook account. I may have been a little premature with my blog post yesterday – yes I had deactivated it, but over the afternoon I changed my mind. I popped up a status last night till this morning, saying that I was deleting my account.  A few people got in touch, but only about 7 or so.

When it comes down to it, facebook isn’t a clear indication of how much people like you. Yes it’s nice being able to check up on what people are doing all the time, but is that really normal? I don’t know, maybe it is now.

I don’t miss it too much for the moment. I realised that I have everything that Facebook is, but spread out over a few different sites. Personal life: here. Pictures: Flickr. Quick updates: Twitter. Silly fandoms: Tumblr. Games: Steam. Chat service: Skype. I also have my phone, an email address and I’m always up for a cuppa or a pint. I don’t know – is it better having it all in one place?

One last thought – there’s no better way to have a friend cull than to just delete the account. This way, if I decide to go back to Facebook I can add the people I really want to stay in touch with.

Maybe I won’t though. Maybe it’s another of my old fashioned foibles. I like to sit and read in the evening, and while I love Doctor Who and Torchwood (seriously, addicted right now) I kind of miss sitting and losing myself in a good book, or a craft project. I almost miss being such an avid reader that some of my family thought I had social issues.

I’m an addictive personality – it’s why I’ve never smoked, or done drugs even though I’ve been offered the chance to try. It’s why I’ve asked Hairy to help me never to try, even when we’re travelling and it might be tempting. It’s why I’ve had to delete facebook entirely – I don’t do things by halves, never have. It’s not enough just to have a little of what I fancy – I have to go all out and eat the entire metaphorical tub of ice cream in one night.
If I have an account, I’ll spend all my time on there again.

It was getting bad for me, and not just for the time wasting. I did the classic “look up all your friends, worry that they’re having a better time than me, does this mean I’m boring and stupid and none of them will ever want to talk to me again?” This way, I can’t be tempted to browse through photos for hours comparing myself to my friends. It won’t matter if there are bad photos of me – I’m never going to see them, or know what people said about it.

And part of it was sheer stubbornness. While I was making up my mind (procrastinating in a different way) yesterday, I came across an article that was ten ways why you should delete your account. This was swiftly followed by an article saying ten reasons why you never will. I just had to buck the trend, I like being contrary and difficult too much! Tell me a logical reason to do something, and I’ll dig my heels in and try to figure out how to do it without it looking like you were right. Tell me I shouldn’t do something, and it’ll be the only thing I want to do. Yes, textbook right there.

I’m categorisable! But weird because I’m not on the biggest social networking site. But what’s wrong with just giving out an email or number?


6 responses to “A life without facebook.

  1. rebeccaalice14 says:

    Did it help with the work at all? 😛

  2. I really just use facebook for burlesque promotion and my blog and networking. For personal life facebook is really just good for getting in touch with people. the newsfeed sucks and it’s hard having to read everyones negativity. Like rants about getting cut off in traffic ect.

    A lot of my friends have started doing what your doing and now I try to make an effort to actually call people not facebook them!!! You can always reactivate it it’s good to go away from all the drama!

  3. TBM says:

    I don’t even have a facebook account. My friends tell me to get one, but I fear I won’t get anything done if I do. Good luck

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