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Yup, I’m going on a rant.

on March 16, 2013

I’m angry and miserable and lonely and if I don’t rant I’m probably going to throw this laptop across the room.

I’m doing an essay I hate, on a topic I don’t really know too much about in a subject that I always get bad marks in. I can’t write these essays easily, and I didn’t have an option whether I wanted to take this subject. It’s also the third year running when I’ve had to do a module on Anglo-Saxon archaeology, so it really shouldn’t be this hard but it is. I’m also bored to death of this stupid subject because it doesn’t even relate to my degree properly.

Hairy’s around at his brother’s at the moment, drinking Mai Tais and having a fun time. Before you judge him, I told him he should go so he doesn’t have to spend his evening in with me trying not to be bored, deal with me being a pretty horrible person, and make me endless cups of tea. I’m glad he’s not here because it wouldn’t be fair on him, but at the same time it sucks and I don’t have to like it. I also managed to cry chilli juice into my eyes. Not happy.

I’m missing having facebook to talk to people, to rant about being stressed and upset and I know I won’t enjoy it if I go back, it’s annoying me that I want to. So argh at that too. Turns out that pretty much as soon as I deleted the thing, a Viking film night was organised and the only reason I heard about it was because I went out to a horrendous evening of cocktails for one of my friend’s birthdays. I like cocktails, I like happy hours, I like my friend. I don’t like being sat there for half an hour alone, having to eat dinner alone, and then being pretty much ignored because I don’t do drugs, don’t smoke, have never had a one night stand, was tired and haven’t been Amsterdam. I also don’t like attention seeking, self absorbed, frankly dull people either. Or angry people. Or people who go on about how fat they have got, but in the same breath how much attention they always get in clubs.

Comic relief was spectacularly unfunny. Not just because of the horrendously sad films they showed about various plights (not being unfeeling, I wept), but I found out that I don’t like most of the comedians that were performing last night.

I made cookies with Hairy. The cookies were nice.


2 responses to “Yup, I’m going on a rant.

  1. *virtual support* Dinners like that are so horrible. It’s happened to me before, with a lot of people “in Finance”, who asked what I “did” and were clearly disgusted by my then unemployed status and dreams of studying, and ignored me. Yuck. Feel for ya, and the essay is also a horrible thing to have to do, when it feels like you’re fighting a losing battle. But who knows- maybe this one will surprise you!

  2. Anglo-Saxon archaeology, laughing here, mainly because I can’t remember stuff all about what I studied about it as part of my Ancient and Medieval History and Archaeology degree.

    I like drinks, and cheap drinks which is pretty similar to cocktails and happy hours. I’ve never done drugs, or smoked. See, you’re not exactly unusual, either that or we both are.

    I’ve had one night stands, or rather a few night stands if that makes any sense. One night stand is an odd term anyway. Is it a one-night stand if one of you wants sex again and the other doesn’t? Someone you have met that day and won’t see again? Means different things to different people.

    I’m often tired, either that or just like sleepiing, maybe not the same. I’ve been to Amsterdam. Worth going to for the museums alone.

    Most people are dull. Which is why I avoid them. But I probably am too. Who knows and who cares? I don’t talk about my weight (apart from satire on my blogs) and I’m not interested in anyone else’s. Bit like I don’t want to hear about their boring kids.

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