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Productive times.

on March 25, 2013

I’ve had a statically busy weekend. Weird, right? It’s been snowing here pretty much all weekend and it’s hard enough to get Hairy to leave the flat at the weekend anyway, unless we have specific plans, so we’ve stayed in. It’s been lovely for most of the weekend, not having anything pressing for our time. The only real upsets have been because of my hormones – seriously, two periods on the trot is enough to take it out of even the most level headed person and that I most definitely am not.

So despite going crazy inside my head all weekend, I’ve done pretty well. I finished The Hunger Games trilogy – enjoyed the story more than the writing, made some sort of chilli jam and made Hairy a little beaded bear to go on his keys.

The “hot pepper jelly”, as named in my wonderful book of preserves seems to have turned out pretty well even though we didn’t follow the recipe to the letter! It called for six jalapenos, so we used four birds-eye chillis, didn’t have celery seeds so we didn’t put any in and when it said liquid pectin we used a sachet and possibly the wrong amount of pectin for the sugar content. Ah well! It tastes like a sweet-sour chilli sauce, it’s set and shockingly it even seems to have sealed itself! The recipe says to process the jars for ten minutes in boiling water after popping the lid back on so it can form a seal; I only did that for one of the jars because I was scared that it was about to explode the entire time. Even so, the popping bits on the top of the lids have depressed which I think means that it’s formed the seal. Either way, if it has formed the seal then it’ll keep for a year, if not then we’ve got to eat it in a month 😀 Such a terrible life we lead!

The little bear (now known as Toby) was a kit that I bought half price about a month ago, only £2, to make for Hairy. I haven’t had the time or energy to think about it for a while, so to be able to sit down for an hour and a half and get the kit made up was lovely, if slightly painful on my back. I used to be into reading and beading in a big way when I was living with my parents, but university slightly got in the way. Lack of money and time to focus on projects really sucks. It’s a pretty easy kit (I’ll pop up a picture of Toby later if I get a chance), but the tricky bit came from using nylon thread. For my preference, I use regular beading thread and a needle so it was a bit fiddly to get used to threading it onto the nylon. Even so he’s turned out pretty well, Hairy’s thrilled to bits, and I’ve got my beading stuff downstairs so I can start making little flowers again. I love the feeling of them coming together 😀

Other than that, Torchwood broke me again yesterday. It’s a spin-off of Doctor Who set in Cardiff, and has absolutely no qualms about jumping up and down on your feels button. Seriously painful stuff sometimes that leaves me weeping for a while. We’ve just finished the second series, so next is the Children of Earth series which I know will kill me.

Guides is going to be in my hands tonight – one of the leaders is recovering from being ill and the main leader is sick herself. I feel like an evil genius! Not really, it’ll just be a craft evening and hopefully (fingers crossed!) I’ll get reimbursed for my bus tickets. I haven’t been repaid since September, and at nearly £4 a pop it adds up quickly!


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