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Forgive the ramblings, I’m blaming the cold medicine.

on April 3, 2013

That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it. In fairness, I am dosed up to the eyeballs on painkillers and quaffing gallons of honeyed tea.

YES! Allons-y to my beautiful dream home.

Beautiful bed

I like dark wood, and this is apparently from a sustainable source. I like to do my bit for the world, if at all affordable. Sometimes it’s just not going to happen, no matter how much I’d love to be all organic and self sufficient.

A sofa something like this. I never really saw the appeal in corner sofas until I went around a friend’s house for drinks and ended up nearly asleep in the corner (Definitely not blaming that on the alcohol…) Plus, I like cubby holes and funny spaces! The photo isn’t coming out properly, but it’s a rather lovely grey and teal sofa that looks crazily comfy.

A really fancy schmancy coat stand. Until Hairy and I buy a place, it’s unlikely that we’ll be able to start drilling holes in the walls to put up a coat rack but something like this would be lovely and practical.

Swirl Coat Stand Black

A writing desk – I know we’ve already got a perfectly functional desk, but honestly. Could you say no to this beauty?

Or pretty much any of the desks on that page?

Before you think I’ve gone all Baroque/Edwardian and gothic on you, here you go. Isn’t it just adorable?

Wall Cabinet Handmade Oak Tree - Woodland Shelf Cabinet

So true!

Whatever, I'm late anyway Clock


Doctor Who Timey Wimey Tardis Wall Clock

Just stunning, I want it so much!


Beautiful Carved, Painted and Gold Decorated Coffee, Tea, Cocktail Table

Phwoar! I think they’re just getting sexier 😀

Another table.

Custom hand-made natural wood table with spiral cut glass. 100% recycled or re-purposed. GO GREEN   On Sale Now

Bureau bookcase? Sign me up on the dotted line!

Victorian Rosewood Cupboard Bureau Bookcase

And a kitchen something like this:

Country Cottage Decorating for Soften Home Impression : Cecoration Country Cottage Kitchen

Sunny and warm looking, plenty of space and storage and big enough to have a dining table in it. Tile/stone flags on the floor, welsh dresser… Looks pretty perfect to me. I’d love a pantry, a gas hob (can’t get on with the electric ones, even though I’ve had them for the past four years)

Honestly, I’m not that picky… I just know what I want my home to be like, and I’m looking forward to being able to make it.

I also want little things! A popcorn maker, so I don’t have to buy microwave popcorn anymore; some sort of food processor to make our lives easier and it’ll be massively fun to play with; a mirrored wardrobe because at the moment we use one that’s propped on the floor; mixing bowls, cookie cutters because my lovely set from my parents got stolen by my former housemates.

For Hairy, the one thing I know he wants more than anything is a forge. He’s said before that he’d like to try blacksmithing, so in our garden I’d love for him to have a forge so he can try it out. For me, just a space for crafting with a comfy chair and a cup of tea. I’d love to have an orchard, chickens and a vegetable patch too.

Finally, because we’re sickening like that:

Galaxy Studded Velvet Armchair

A velvet “cuddle chair” – big enough for two!


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