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I blame spring.

on April 3, 2013

Or the distinct lack of nice weather at the moment. Seriously weather gods, get your act together. It’s April already and absolutely freezing still! At least it’s getting sunnier, but still.Ā  I remember always getting sick at the changing of the seasons, and it seems like my body’s decided that it’s a good habit to hang on to so I’m sick again/as always. Honest to Betsy, I’m thoroughly disgruntled right now. I’ve got the whole works – earache, headache, sore nose and dodgy pain in my joints. Plus I’m hungry and craving sugary things which would normally be ok because I’d just get some tea, but we’ve got a half-finished tub of Quality Street downstairs. The real kicker? We’ve eaten all our favourites, so we’re left with the ones that no one likes but we eat anyway because it’d be a waste.

So as you may have guessed, I’m back in Nottingham. Visiting Hairy’s parents was nice, in an “Oh god parents, let me run away now” kind of way. Very lovely, but so glad to be back at home. Hairy smokes like a chimney when he’s at home because the entire house smells of smoke (I’m blaming the smokey atmosphere at least in part for the state of my respiratory system), so it’s wonderful to be in our flat where Hairy gets banished to the cold outside before he’s allowed a puff on his pipe.

AHA! It’s Wednesday, right? (I did just have to check that) THEREFORE I’m going to put together a wishlist of pretty things that I want in/for my home. Actually, better idea. I’m going to do that in another post, before this one gets too mad and cluttered. It’s already going down the pan.

I started a post the other day about books and thinking about reading and things, but then got distracted by life. Books have always been important to me – some of my favourite presents have been books, and I remember never being without one when I was at school. I’d carry a paperback in my blazer pocket and always get told off for it because it would stretch the pockets out of shape. It was a defence thing partly – I escaped into a different world every day and that made me happy; I had a pile of about seven books by my bed at all times and got through most of the school library by the time I left. When I was younger I read mostly fantasy books, occasionally science fiction and the classics, but my true love was fantasy – dragons, elves, magic… You name the stereotype, I’d read a book with it in. Now my tastes have changed slightly – I’ll still enjoy fantasy, but I don’t like certain styles of writing. I like darker material – science fiction with a bit of horror, dystopian novels and apocalyptic stories. Even so, I’ll still cycle back to the classics and things like the Hobbit after a few months.

Since getting my Kindle and being able to download books for free, I’ve read more indiscriminately than when I had to buy them all. I’ve trudged through Game of Thrones, and I’m trying to defeat the last book. It’s mostly the fact that the book is huge and unwieldy – when I was reading the others on the Kindle, I kind of couldn’t tell how huge they were and so I’d just read a chapter here and there whereas I feel like I need to be fortified with tea and a raft of biscuits before diving into this last monster of a book.

I watched a programme with Hairy last night by Charlie Brooker. He’s a comedian with a notoriously dark and cynical approach to life – if you don’t believe me (or know who he is), here’s his Wikipedia page. So anyway, Hairy and I had spent a few hours watching Jonathan Creek then a Jennifer Lawrence film called “Winter’s Bone” and we really wanted something un-serious to relax to just before bed, so we popped on his programme “How TV ruined your life” because we’ve watched it before and it was quite funny. The one we found though was highlighting “aspirational” TV – so basically portraying wonderful lives and making you want what you can’t have.

I fully agree with it in principle – TV is one of the slightly contentious topics in our household because I’m not a fan and would be fine without it, but Hairy uses it for his relaxation in the evenings. Either way, both of us had niggles with the programme – Hairy thought it ironic that a programme about how television ruins your life is a television programme. What I didn’t like was the fact that I was made to feel bad about watching and enjoying these programmes that got denounced as “middle class” – what’s wrong with being middle class, wanting a nice home and enjoying Nigel Slater and Grand Designs? (I’m feeling a little bit sore about that, can you tell?)

Interestingly there was a news article this morning – pretty much stating the obvious, but according to a new survey there are now seven social classes in Britain, not just the three “standard” ones. Personally I think that it’s always much more complicated than that, but bringing it back to me šŸ˜€ Before this earth shattering new research, I would have counted as middle class – not spectacularly rich, but a good background, nice school and university. Now I am apparently one of the “emergent service workers” – poor, crippled with debt but with “high cultural and social capital”. And, (if I’m typical for the class) unable to afford new pants.

Any way you look at it, it’s still putting labels on people and trying to stuff people into boxes because then it’s easier to deal with them. I’m all about being a free spirit y’know. Well, that may be up for comment but I’d still rather be unlabeled; to be honest I take a perverse pleasure in being so damn eclectic that when people ask me what I like to do/listen to, they give me a funny look and have to tell me “It takes all sorts” when I tell them. Anyone want to join be on my bandwagon of weird?

If the bandwagon of weird doesn’t become a thing, I’ll be very disappointed. So, here’s a snuffly cheer for all things not labelled that make other people look at you like you’ve got two heads.


One response to “I blame spring.

  1. MotherDearest says:

    Hmmm – Dad & I came out as Traditional Working Class! Not quite what I’d imagined, but maybe it’s different now post-redundancy.

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