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Sickening siblings.

on April 8, 2013

I did write something unthinkingly today that wasn’t what I actually meant and so yeah. Instead of saying more stuff like that, I’m going to tell you how awesome my sister is. If you don’t want to read more mush, look away now.

Ever since I was little, my sister has been there to look after me even though I was a pretty dire little sister to have. I remember playing with my Sylvanian families in my room (that she tidied for me), and she would be the God and I would be her pet dog. It was always way more fun to set up the houses than to actually play with them, but I remember having lots of fun while we were doing it.

Whenever I’m coming up to exams or worrying about something, she tells me that I’m going to be fine and come out with the result that I need. She did that less than a week ago when I had a bad dream about failing my degree and she helped me feel better about it all.

She’s always been full of amazing advice and support – when I told her about the graduate scheme, she recommended that I look into the business itself to see if I think it’ll last as a business which isn’t something I’d thought about before I’d applied. She’s done this whenever I’ve needed an opinion to rely on, and it’s something I love about her. I can get carried away with dreams and things, and she can help me think about things in a more sensible way.

All the times that I’ve had trouble, she’s been there to look after me and keep my secrets and help me figure out what to do and say to make it better. I remember being really happy and flattered when my sister started at uni and would ask me to come and sit with her while she was packing. It was always good fun, and she taught me the best way to pack uni stuff – roll, don’t fold! You get more in the bags, and it’s less creased when you unpack at the other end. I just liked being able to chat with her as well, in a way that I wasn’t good at the rest of the time.

I love going shopping with my sister. She’s got amazing taste in clothes and always finds the best things for me. Seriously, I don’t know how she does it. She’s got better taste for me than I do, and has bought me some amazing stuff for birthdays and Christmas over the years. When I moved into uni halls, she came for dinner on the night I moved and brought me a bottle of vodka and a mobile that comes with me to every house I live in. The vodka went down well with my flatmates! I have a beautiful set of bedding that she got for me when I moved into this place, a stunning green skirt and so much more. Constantly setting the standard really high for me to get presents in return!

I can’t lie to my sister – she has a built in “no bull” detector that means she always gets my honest opinion, and while it can be a little embarrassing sometimes, I’m glad. She won’t ever let me do any less than my best, and it’s awesome.

Sister mine is the best sister I could have ever asked for, so brilliant I accused her of stealing my friends from me when we were younger. Honestly, I felt like I’d bring friends home and they’d end up wanting to hang out with her more than me!

So yeah, I said something stupid earlier that wasn’t what I meant. I’m looking forward to seeing her this weekend because she’s awesome and it’s going to be great. If you read this – say nothing on Friday unless you want to fry eggs on my face. Love you.


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