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The mess that is my brain.

on April 8, 2013

I did start on a whle other post about geekery and fandoms and things, but then realised I don’t really have enough to write unless I start repeating myself and waffling and generally padding it out. Basically, I’m a geek and happy with my geekery. I don’t like it when people (no one particular in mind, honest) decide that they want to be geeks – in my head, geekery is a byproduct of really really loving something a little bit sci-fi/fantasy. Not here to argue semantics, but that’s mostly what it tends to be. My first geekdom was Lord of the Rings (I blame you Mother Dearest!), which recently made me sad because A) I haven’t read the books/really watched the films in ages and B) none of my friends who really talk to me actually geek out over Middle Earth. Anyone fancy being my Fellowship buddy? Seriously though – this made me laugh out loud, and is totally missing in my life.

So yes, geekery is brilliant and it’s fine everyone having their own “thing” to enthuse over. I unashamedly got hyper-excited when I found out that Batman and Superman are best friends.

My weekend was brilliant. I’m broke and we spent the entire weekend in the flat playing computer games, but it was lovely. It kicked off on Friday with a two hour Skype chat with my Cardiff cousin, who’s basically like a little sister to me. I was so stuffed up with cold that I could barely think, but it was good. I’m popping down to see her this weekend along with Sister mine and I’m really looking forward to it. It’s going to be good to catch up with both of them properly, as I haven’t seen Cardiff cousin since Christmas and Sister mine has just gone through bad times and I’d like to see her. I said this really badly earlier, and I am worried about her. (The bit I said badly earlier was that I’m looking forward to getting some clothes out of this, some which might be good for the job interviews that I need to start thinking about.)

Speaking of which, I applied for my first serious graduate scheme the other day with a company called Ovo Energy down in Bristol. It’s primarily for a position in HR for two years with the company. I’m hoping that I get it – it’s a great opportunity to learn applicable skills and that doesn’t need prior experience in the field. Either way I should find out about it in a few weeks time. If I do, we’ll need to figure out how we’re going to manage moving to Bristol because the tenancy of this flat isn’t over until August.

Anywho, back to nice things. Lovely weekend with Hairy, despite niggles. I haven’t been able to afford my prescriptions for my skin, so I haven’t taken a pill or used a cream in about two weeks I think. I was thinking about going to the doctor and asking to be eased off my prescription, but I guess this way might be better. I’m an all or nothing kind of person – seriously bad at doing things by halves. It hasn’t been easy because I worry a lot, and I’m not sure if it’s feeling bad just because I’m worrying about it and noticing it more. Sometimes it’s easier to rely on a pill for the placebo effect, but I hope it’ll be better this way. I’m also back on the no ‘poo trail – diluted cider vinegar is the way I’m going at the moment with occasional uses of coconut oil to condition the ends.

ALSO shock horror, I did some spring cleaning this weekend. It’s nearly at the point when I’ll want to bring out my summer stuff, and I wanted to go through my wardrobe and chuck out some of the things I don’t like/never wear. I’ve put away heavy coats and jumpers, and hopefully some point this week I’ll get down the giant box of summery stuff to go through. It’s been good – chucked out three black bin bags and an armful of clothes and shoes. I hate shoes with a passion, and I have to go shoe shopping tomorrow to replace my DMs. Shoes hurt my feet, no matter what they are and so I bit the bullet and threw out anything that I haven’t worn all winter and am not likely to wear again. Painful, but necessary.


Edited to say something better.


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