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Stupid uni and your stupid system.

on May 8, 2013

I had a lovely post drafted yesterday about how amazing my weekend away was, how relaxed I felt when I came back and THEN I TRIED TO BUY MY GRADUATION TICKETS. Stupid system has crashed because they said that it was on a “first come, first served” basis and we all panicked and set our alarms for 9am to try to get tickets.

Now I’m stuck, refreshing the page and hoping to get a ticket so that Hairy can come and see me graduate, after sticking with it for nearly three years and supporting me through all the tantrums and nearly giving up more than once. I can’t even get through to get one of the broadcast tickets, which let him watch it on a big screen in a tent.

Everyone’s angry and annoyed now, and all because the university didn’t figure that everyone wants to get a ticket for graduation. So instead of revising, I’m procrastinating and freaking out over the fact that I want a ticket and can’t get one and the system’s gone down. ARGL FLARGL. There are no words for my rage.

But anyway, the past weekend was pretty idyllic. Not perfect because I’ve got sunburn on my forearms (way more painful than I’d expected), Hairy smoked enough to fill a hot air balloon and I had to revise but all in all, rather lovely.

We slept in single beds pushed together with a duvet stuffed down the middle, in a room that was colder than all the rest of the house and a beautiful view out over the Severn. We had a barbeque, drank too much but didn’t get drunk because Hairy started spiking all my drinks with lemonade so they tasted better. Every morning I came downstairs to Hairy playing WoW with his brother, his sister in law watching god-awful telly and I read while being sat upon by a very small Yorkshire terrier-Jack Russell cross. I finished the first of the last books by George R R Martin, so only one book left and I’m up to date with the entire series.

Things are getting better and worse by turns. This weekend was a welcome break from everything, but we got back yesterday evening and I smacked my funny bone on the shower door and Hairy had to come and cuddle me for ten minutes before I could stop crying. It didn’t even hurt that much.

Last night we had a wander onto campus to return a library book, stopped in mooch for a pint then went home before my goosebumps threatened to grow any bigger. The extraction fan has finally been replaced, we have a new fridge WITH A LIGHT THAT DOESN’T OPEN INTO THE WALL. Never underestimate the pleasure of a clean new fridge. We’ve called ours Simon. Image

I taught Hairy to play a card game, I beat him soundly but then he started beating me and it made me sad. We also popped for lunch in the Roundhouse before heading off to Gloucester because we had a few hours to kill before the train.


The view, the view! It got sunnier, promise.


Hairy being mysterious and hairy, while gazing out of the window.


I had a bath, then plaited my hair and slept on it. It was prettier before I brushed it and turned it into a copper poof of dandelion fuzz at the bottom.


VIEW VIEW VIEW VIEW. And a gazillion dandelions.


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