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Since when is bacon ever unwanted?!

on May 24, 2013

I’m doing my favourite trick while revising, and that’s eating my lunch while watching something on the laptop before getting back to work. I’m a sucker for cookery programmes as I love food and all its associated cooking goodness. Except maybe the washing up. That’s always posed a bit of a problem, but it’s normally resolved by whining “But I made the tasty, why do I have to wash up toooooooo?”, with accompanying pout.

Anyway, I’m watching Nigel Slater’s Simple Suppers at the moment (not literally because I couldn’t be typing this, but it’s currently paused and ready to be watched in another tab), and I’m finding myself ranting at the screen through mouthfuls of noodles. (Microwaved I’ll have you know – the height of cuisine in this flat). I like his programmes for the most part, but this one is driving me barmy – the theme is “don’t let it go to waste” and it’s giving tips on how not to waste food, that might otherwise end up in the bin or on the compost heap. I’d love to have a compost heap for it to end up on!

ANYWAY. I’m so good at getting distracted. Point the first that’s bugging me – the quality of odds and ends is far above what I’m dealing with – leftover cheese in this house is a sliver of cheddar that’s managed to survive being munched on by a hungry Hairy. The recipe called for 350g of the stuff, and the cheese being used was definitely of the fancy variety, but then also double cream, eggs and fresh thyme!

For me, that’s not a using up the bits and bobs kind of affair – that’s a meticulously planned manoeuvre that requires tactics and planning to get the ingredients to last long enough.

Number two – more of a general grumble at cookery programmes in general. They hardly ever serve up full meals, and if they do the portions are tiny. By full meals I mean having more than a bit of meat and a carrot on a plate. Nigel Slater (in my books at least) is notoriously bad at this – he serves up a lamb chop and says it’s a wonderful supper. I’m sure it tastes lovely, but I’d be hungry still after eating it! Today he came pretty close to a full meal, but I was scandalised by his flagrant use of the word “dressing” in conjunction with “bacon”. He even insinuated that some people might regard it as “unwanted”! What is the world coming to?

Shock and horror over at that. I know his food is simple, and I’m sure it’s delicious. Sometimes the simplicity of it seems a bit over the top though – there were people, they had an allotment with vegetables past when they were due to be picked and he gallantly went and saved them from *gasp* having to throw them on the compost! So instead, he fried the potatoes in herby oil and was complimented on his tasty tasty chips and excellent ideas. Hmmmm…  Yeah.

I think my biggest problem with this is the initial concept. I mean – what are leftovers?


4 responses to “Since when is bacon ever unwanted?!

  1. Jennifer says:

    Bacon is never unwanted! And leftovers. Portions of a meal that can be re used to make another, or as is. If our dog doesn’t get them, we hardly have any leftovers these days. 😦

  2. MY husband and I always feel the same way about the size of some of the meals they show on cooking shows . Bacon unwanted ? Not in this house. lol !!!

  3. They shouldn’t try that here I beg…Don’t joke with my bacon and egg with some baked beans.

  4. MotherDearest says:

    Or cake – I can’t imagine the sort of household which has “leftover” cake! It isn’t a leftover, it’s a staple!

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