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Procrastinating isn’t as fun when you have no reason to be.

on May 30, 2013

Hey there. Degree – over. Jobs – in the middle of applying for, did three yesterday I think? Or at least dropped off my CV in three separate places, so wish me luck with those. Oops, actually four because I emailed another place about temporary work in a maternity shop. Would be brilliant, but I’d get so broody. I applied for a job with a multi activity camp today, which would be brilliant. Working with kids and basically just playing for the summer! Hopefully that’ll be successful, but it might interfere slightly with the graduation plans. Whatever they are.

It’s an odd feeling, not having to be thinking about university work all the time. I’m actually contemplating cleaning the flat up a bit because we have a GIANT pile of boxes under the stairs that hasn’t been touched in months, and I’m bored of the internet. I never thought I’d be saying that.

I went out yesterday despite the heavens doing their best to drown me to meet a friend in town. Twas nice – we had coffee, then ambled around a bit while she bullied me into talking to strangers and applying to places, then lunch (tasty tasty veggie salad. NOM!), and then free coffee! I have a costa card and I managed to save up enough points to get a gallon of free latte which seriously made my day.

While I know that a lot of people only mean the best, occasionally I just want to tell them to shut up while I rant. I spoke to Pops yesterday about what I can do about unemployment and support now that I’m a job-seeker. He confirmed what Hairy said – that I don’t get anything financially because I live with Hairy, but I can get sent on courses and things to get extra qualifications and experience to get me into the job that I want. I’ve been told that I should not declare that I’m living with my partner and then get housing benefit and all the financial stuff I can get my hands on. Erm, no. I was ranting about money and wanting to move, and I appreciate the sentiment but I’m not about to go lying to the government just to get a bit of money. I’ll get it by my blood, sweat and tears if I have to!

This kind of got away from me. I haven’t been sleeping well for the past three night and it’s beginning to tell. I’ve been productive today – job application, laundry, emailing letting agency about the washing machine man again aaaaaaaaand multiple checking of emails. Time to go fight the washing machine again.


One response to “Procrastinating isn’t as fun when you have no reason to be.

  1. Ironic. Here’s you looking for jobs at the start of your career and here’s me looking for some at the tail-end of mine. Hope you have more luck than me. Have to say I couldn’t be scamming and lying to get money out of the govt. Enough people do that as it is. Probably why my much awaited pension recedes ever further into the distance.

    No idea what things are like over there, but in a previous life I knew a few people who did voluntary work where they wanted a paid job and eventually got taken on. No doubt you can’t do that because it will interfere with your allowance as you aren’t available for work. Or some such bureaucratic excuse. Either way, good luck, you have loads of energy so I’m sure you will find something soon.

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