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I promise I’m still not dead.

on June 6, 2013

Despite vast evidence to the contrary, I’m still kicking around up here. It’s been a while of ups and downs and all over the places.

I did write a post on Monday, got most of the way through it and then decided it was too rubbish to post so it’s just sat there languishing noisily at me. The weekend that happened most recently was nice – the weather was glorious, I managed to create a DnD character but spent most of Saturday asleep. I don’t even remember what happened on Sunday any more.

Sadly I’m still not sleeping properly. It’s been over a week and I’m waking up every day absolutely knackered, not being able to nap during the day and then taking a while to fall asleep at bed time. It’s annoying, to say the least.

I’ve been offered two job interviews over the past week. Annoyingly enough, they’re both for the same umbrella company (under different names, of course) and despite the fact that they promise to be a “Graduate Events Marketing” role, I’ve spoken to a couple of people who went to them and they said that it was basically cold calling and selling lovefilm.

I guess my natural scepticism helped out a lot there – they just sounded too interested in getting a not-quite-graduate with negligible experience in for an interview. Seriously, I know I’m great and all that, but I’m not that employable yet.

So no, still no progress on the job front. I’m applying for jobs but nothing has come back to me yet apart from jobs that I definitely don’t want to do.

I’m off camping tomorrow with my guide unit. It’s good – guides is one of the things that is most guaranteed that I’ll come home happy and smiling. I’ve been so grumpy over the past week it’s unbelievable. Spent most days in a funk (blaming that on wrong time of the month and not sleeping well and stressing out over no job. Huh, put it like that and it seems pretty reasonable).

I should be packing, really. Can’t figure out what I want to be taking though, and I still need to go and get toothpaste (can’t nick the only one in the flat), and conditioner (ran out yesterday and Hairy uses crazy amounts of the stuff).

I signed up to World of Warcraft. It’s fun, I had a hissy at Hairy the other day while we were playing. I’m going to explain a bit here (bear in mind fragile emotional state and general inability to deal with anything), so bear with me. Hairy and three of his brothers play this game – it’s an online multi player fantasy, and when we went down to stay with one of his brothers Hairy fancied playing again. He signed up, and then after I finished exams I signed up for a free trial. I’m playing a level 15 troll at the moment (after serious buggering around issues I finally got a character I’m sticking with), and Hairy has several but was playing his level 46 and took me into a dungeon for a power run. That means he goes in, kills everything and I get some of the experience and all the epic loot. I didn’t quite realise this (not slept properly in a WEEK), and felt useless and didn’t enjoy it. Cue huffs on both sides, then a mug of coffee the size of my head. Seriously, it holds an entire kettle of water.

While that’s fun and fine, I don’t like spending hours a day playing computer games. I miss going places and doing stuff, but that sucks even more because I don’t have the money to do anything at the moment. I’m going down to London (without Hairy because money is that tight), to spend the day with family for Pops’ birthday, but it’s not quite the same. I’m looking forward to it, but I wish I was planning a runaway adventure with Hairy. We haven’t been out of Nottingham to do anything but visit family in aaaaaaages.


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