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Brought to you from a place of pain.

on June 12, 2013

I went camping with my Guides this weekend. It’s about as painful as it sounds. I’ve got bruised hands and knees (I blame the tents), scratches, bug bites and sore joints from sleeping on the floor all weekend. I also think I’ve contracted some sort of terrible lung thing from breathing in so much wood smoke from the fire. It was also brilliant.

I got picked up pretty early on Friday, managed to get to the campsite at Elton about three hours before the girls were due to arrive. It was lovely and hot – seriously scorching weather, which isn’t always best for putting up tents but hey ho. Twas good, we got up our personal tents, the teepee and the first aid tent by the time the first girls got there. After that I ran around getting the rest of the tents up, finding things for them to do and helping out when we weren’t sure how to work the gas canister.

After the hot drinks, it all kind of went downhill. The girls didn’t get into their tents until gone eleven, then some were still chatting at 1am. Then 3am. Then 5.30am. Needless to say, I was not the happiest camper that morning. Not helped either by the fact that it was absolutely freezing that night, and I’m sure that there were gremlins that came in the night and unspooled extra ground between my tent and the loos. Each morning I had to get up at about 2am, so I know what I’m talking about.


My rucksack! Inherited from my granddad, and at that point stuffed full of wellies, a waterproof and lots of sunny weather gear. I think I confused the weather so much that it couldn’t decide how best to punish me and so made it overcast. Normally I’m pretty under-prepared, but this time I took sun cream, sunglasses and a giant floppy sun hat that has wire in the edges so you can change the shape of the brim. It’s pretty awesome – one of my guides nicked it the last time I was on camp!


Day 1 – before getting picked up. I’m still kind of alive at this point, although I spent all the morning trying to make sure I was ready. It involved washing my hair twice because I couldn’t remember whether I had or not.


My very own tent! It’s actually a four man tent, so it got pretty cold but it was cool to have my own tent for once. Normally I’m sharing with the other guide leaders, and while I’m very fond of the other leader I prefer to have a bit of my own space. Plus it meant that I could be messy and not have to worry too much about it 😀


Metallica shirt! It was a music themed camp, so I figured that band shirts were an acceptable substitution for the guide uniform which I’d normally wear. This was just before I toddled off into the woods to go shoot at the girls with water pistols. Would have worked much better if my water pistols actually worked. Instead we filled up about 150 water balloons (still got 250 left!) and let them have it. I didn’t take part in the water fight because I was getting cold at that point, and I’d just about dried off standing next to the fire. And I didn’t have a spare bra, and it wasn’t warm enough to dry off by the next morning!



My lovely guide hoodie! Most people in the unit have one, and it’s got my name in big shiny silver letters on the back. I love it a large amount 😀 This is Saturday morning, we borrowed grass sledges and raced down the hill. I raced against the young leader mostly, then found out that I’m too big for space hoppers and my knees end up as earrings. I have a special face sometimes.



It was pretty! That’s the campsite in the distance, the hut that had the gas canisters and kitchen in – turned out to be a life saver for getting food cooked! It took about an hour to get the breakfasts cooked both mornings because the fire took a while to get going. Don’t even talk to me about scrambled eggs.


My 5.30am view of the campsite. It was prettier in person, but still cold and wet. I didn’t enjoy that either.


Still pretty! My tent’s in the bottom left, other leader next to mine and yes, that is the teepee you can see in the corner. It got lovely and warm in there.


Sunshine! Didn’t last long.


And my lovely new boots. They’re adorable, and they were in the sale so they were cheap. Originally priced up at £29.99 I think they cost me £7 in the end? Can’t quite remember. But anyway, Hairy and I figured that under a pair of trousers they’ll look smart enough to pass as interview worthy shoes. He has been brilliant over the past few weeks.

I keep managing to forget how long my hair is. I freak out because it feels like something is climbing up my arms, and then realise that it is just the end of my hair moving across my shoulders. It’s a bit mad.

I’ve got a training day coming up for a rambling society thing – I signed up a while ago to become a volunteer because I like walking and talking to people, but didn’t hear anything for ages so I figured it hadn’t happened. Then I got an email through the other day inviting me to a training day. Best bit is that all my expenses will be paid so it’s not going to cost me anything!

I also got an email asking me to attend a training and assessment day for a job I applied for – Super Camps; they have a site in Nottingham that I thought I could get to easily. The annoying part is that the only training days for these guys that I can get to are on a Sunday and start at 10am, and public transport is not being my friend. I’m not sure I’ll be able to go, which means I’m not likely to get the job. I need to get my own transport!

So yes. Very busy things at the moment. Also been looking after Nottingham brother’s cat since he’s been away, and she’s rather adorable. I went around yesterday, jimmied with the lock for a minute because it’s a right pain – one of those locks that has a knack to it that took Hairy and I ten minutes to figure out the other day, but I got shocked because Nottingham brother was home. Awkward face. They left, and I was left with Cat (yup, that’s her name). I curled up on the sofa, and Cat came and fell asleep in the crook of my me. It’s hard to explain, but she was curled up on my arm, under my chin and against my belly. She licked my chin a lot.

Hairy’s Gloucestershire brother (who gave me a sword!) is trying to get us to play more World of Warcraft – I don’t have a problem with this, and he’s being lovely and crafting us items for when we’re higher levels, but it takes a while! I’ve been playing about a week, up to level 20 with my troll called Buozo. I wanted to call him Bozo, but apparently that name was already taken 😦 Playing a male character because I wanted a big hulky character, and the females just looked like humans. Apparently troll females used to be big and troll-like, but got changed because they needed to be sexy and have never been revamped. Consequently, they don’t blink.

Meeting up with a friend today – it’s taken about two weeks to get this sorted because we keep forgetting/being busy/generally failing. I’m also going to troggle onto campus and do some sort of reading experiment for a few pounds, then off to Beeston to get some meat and a giant loaf of bread. Om nom nom.

ALSO most amazing time yesterday. Hairy and I spent a while rejoicing in 80s music and filling up my spotify playlist with Adam Ant and other such joy. I also played him a lot of Les Miserables music, while I explained the story a bit. We played a game where he named a band/film and I had to try to sing some of it. Rather entertaining (particularly after a rather lovely rum and coke). I think I need more musicals in my life.


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