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on June 17, 2013

Good afternoon m’dears. I’m trying to keep up writing this thing, kill me though it may.

Sister mine was up for the weekend, which was truly lovely even though it involved a shed tonne of “tidying” and Hairy’s lackadaisical hoovering technique. I ended up doing far more washing up than I’ve ever done in a single weekend just out of shame. Seriously, she’s too good an influence on me.

She came up Friday, traffic was awful so the journey took way too long and then had a slight tiff with the pavement that didn’t bode well. Hairy came home stressed after the longest week at work ever, so alcohol was definitely on the cards. Several drinks/pubs later (exaggerating, honest…) we all stumbled back home. Saturday was a lazy day, Sunday lied to me and there was no market in the square to go nab free samples from. We watched the film Epic in a cinema where we were about the only people in there without children… Except I had too many sweets and felt a little bit sick, sooooooo… Yeah. Totally not filling a niche there, even when sister mine thought it was hilarious to tickle me in the cinema because I leaned on her hand. For you lovely people who haven’t witnessed me being tickle-attacked, I freak out a bit and spasm and squeak. Like a chipmunk.

I do have very short hair now. Before, I could have two plaits that were just over three fists long, now they’re stubby little things that would look better on a cabbage patch child. It’s pretty and was totally necessary since I’d gone nearly a year without a haircut and I had massive split ends. Even so, if there was a magic grow hair miracle, I’d totally be rubbing that all over my head right now. It looks neat now – god knows how that happened! I could even go along to an interview with it down! Shock and horror.

Speaking of interviews, I’ve secured myself a two day temping job with the uni. It’s not much, but it’s a start. I’ve also just been told (and applied for) a job in a lighting shop in town. Can’t hurt, eh?

Awkward face telling the landlord that you’re planning on moving out though. The guy came around to the flat for the first time in four years for an inspection – mostly fine, just need to sort out a few bits and bobs, but I forgot that we haven’t notified the letting agency that we’re moving out. The thing is that there’s not much that’s going to keep us here – we want a place with a garden, that isn’t in this neighbourhood. Sadly the landlord was rather lovely and really wanted us to stay since we always pay the rent on time! It’s awkward though because we need a place that Hairy can afford on his salary if I can’t get a job. Ah well, think about that all later.

I get my results on the 25th. It’s terrifying, but it’ll be a relief at the same time. I know logically that I’m likely to get the result that I want but there’s always the niggling feeling that I haven’t quite done something right or I failed my last exams and I won’t get it. Which would massively suck as I’ve paid for the grad gown, the tickets and everything. Seriously freaking out on a pretty regular basis here.

And my final rant. I want to keep my lip piercing and it bugs me that in order to look professional, I can’t look like me. Flargl.


2 responses to “Burble.

  1. Jennifer says:

    Do we get to see a piccie of your new hair?

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