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Today I’m going to tell you about buses

on June 25, 2013

Today I’m going to tell you about buses and Guides. I’m not even entirely sure why I like going on buses so much, but yesterday I got on the top floor of the bus and managed to get the front seat and it made my face go like this:


It’s not a perfect photo because I was trying to be surreptitious about the fact that I was pointing a camera at my own face on public transport, but you get the picture. The picture also includes the fact that I took out my lip piercing – I’m hoping for a job working with children this summer, and I’m not allowed any visible facial piercings. I did consider a retainer but the piercing itself is a bit wonky and I only really like it if it’s got the ring in. So I’ve given up on it for now. *sob*

Anyway, buses. I have a brilliant plan for a date with Hairy that involves buying all day bus passes and hopping on a bus into the countryside with a picnic. I remember catching the bus from my home town to Canterbury which is the nearest town that it’s worth going shopping in, and it went along all these tiny country roads and took over an hour to get there. The first time I went with my friends alone I felt so grown up; we sat on the top deck and freaked out every time the bus hit over hanging branches which turned out to be every few minutes!

I don’t know. I guess it’s something about good memories associated with buses, plus the loads of fun I used to have sitting at the front over the bus driver and seeing if I could see them through the mirror contraption that let them see upstairs. There were more things that I meant to say about the whole bus thing, but I can’t remember them right now. For context this post has been sat open in a tab on my web browser since about 9am and it’s nearly 2pm now. I have no idea what’s going on any more. Buses are more fun than trains because they go on little country roads, but less space and frankly icky toilets on coaches. And once I got stuck with my little cousin in the middle of London because the bus we were on was late and the next one left without us. It wasn’t a good half an hour.

I remember being about 13 and going to visit my great Grandma B while she was taking part in something like a scrabble competition. There was also something about crosswords and a silver spoon… I don’t remember that well! She was in her 90s at the time and a wonderful old lady – one of the things  I remember being said about her is that she made friends no matter what age they are. I want to be that sort of person, which is why I like that my Guide Leader’s daughter chats to me and asks my opinion on things going on in her life (with suitable interpretation because I have NO idea what some of the terms mean…) She also didn’t realise that I’m seven years older than her. I count this as a move in the right direction to being an awesome old lady who wears too much purple and is friends with people half her age.

I’m helping out with Brownies again tonight – basically I’m going to go and play with fire in a wood, eat biscuits and sing songs. If only I could get paid for doing that. I was hailed as a fire god and a marshmallow god last night – warm fuzzy feelings abounded, particularly when some of the younger girls said I was awesome and that they couldn’t wait to get to Guides. The sad bit is that one of our newest Guides is leaving the unit and no one really knows why. I think it’s because she grew apart from some of her friends that she came with, but wasn’t able to make any other friends while she was there.


2 responses to “Today I’m going to tell you about buses

  1. MotherDearest says:

    I’m glad you remember the buses so fondly – that was our entire outing when you were a tot and your big sister was already at school, you and me in the front seat of a top deck! We’d go to Canterbury, get you a stick of fudge (because we couldn’t afford anything more!) then come straight home again.

    And you’re remembering the time Grandma B WON the Regional Scrabble Tournament in Brighton or Eastbourne when she was 92! She was also doing another puzzle, not a crossword but one with cryptic clues, & our family sat with her in a teashop to help her finish it. When she won, the prize was a silver teaspoon, which she gave to us for our help & which I’ve kept in with my own set of silver spoons.

    And I LOVE the happy face, darling girl, thank you very much! xxx

  2. amedicstudent says:

    I love buses too – even more if they’re accompanied by a friendly driver!

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