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I want to do more.

on June 27, 2013

But I don’t seem to have the time to. I don’t know where my days go! It’s rather frustrating, bundled in with the fact that it’s only me that’s stopping me from doing things. I seem to do nothing until about lunch time, and then it’s only a few hours until Hairy comes home. I am applying for jobs, but so far no luck. My CRB has gone through for the job with kids and I’ve booked the train tickets for the training day so I’m hoping that I get that job at least, now that I’ve spent nearly £40 on it!

Anywho. Tuesday night I had a second campfire with a different Brownie group which was good. We ended up only having an hour to do s’mores and singing but that didn’t matter too much because I was tired and the other leader wasn’t well. We went to a place on Common Lane; it’s not a park and it’s perfect for Guiding things despite the number of people who ended up trekking through with their dogs and sending Brownies into hysterics. I’ve got another day of this due on Sunday, and although it sucks that I won’t be seeing Hairy for most of the weekend I’m looking forward to it. I’m also heading down to London on Friday to spend the day with family as it’s Pops’ birthday.


Look! Here’s my campfire 🙂 It was a right beast, nearly burnt me a couple of times when I wasn’t being the most sensible person in the world… One of the best things was the reaction that I got from the Brownies when I rekindled it from the embers – they thought I was magic pretty much. They were also convinced that I was one of their old teachers, which wound me up a little bit when they took it beyond a bit of fun and into the realm of persistent unfunny.


I need to improve my camera skills. I was trying to catch this while the other leaders were away so I didn’t have to think up awkward excuse for taking pictures of my face. Here is my beautiful Guide uniform (although I should really be wearing my badges and necker).


Isn’t it all atmospheric? This photo was taken about 7pm, the sun was still up and it was warm and lovely. We had the fire in the woods instead of down on the field so we didn’t have to worry about turfing it. Instead we just cleared the leaves and it was all fine.


The trousers in this photo are totally fab – they’re wrap around which makes them nigh on impossible to deal with when I need the loo desperately, but so long as I remember about that in advance, it’s all peachy. They really only cause problems when it’s windy (like it was yesterday) and then there’s the slight issue that they split ALL the way up the sides. I tried really hard not to flash anyone my bum but I was fighting a losing battle and to be honest, it was so warm yesterday I didn’t really care.

I keep expecting not to be able to log into my university email account. So far I still can although I’ve taken the precaution of forwarding all emails regarding my graduation to my other email account. Speaking of graduation (trying hard not to freak out here), I’ve been thinking up plans for the week that the old fogies are coming to stay. I’ve been told categorically by Hairy that I have to go to the Soulville and have a T-bone steak on my graduation day (apparently it’s tradition), then I don’t really know apart from forcing my parents to take me to Lincoln because I’m slightly in love with the city.

Aside from that and viewing houses, I’m at an impasse. And once again, I’m off to go do other things, including getting used to the fact that I don’t have a lump of plastic in my face and that the hole is healing up remarkably quickly. Thanks for stopping by!


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