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on July 8, 2013

ImageImageImageImageI have many of the said little buggers. Not these chappies:


Although he is rather cool. Nope, I’m in a bit of a tizzy because many things are irritating but not enough to make me properly fuming.

Things I despise:

  • Estate Agents who don’t take down properties that are no longer available
  • Not being eligible for things because I have a degree
  • Blisters
  • Sunburn
  • Being a “housekeeping assistant”
  • Having to be busy at the weekends
  • People telling you to travel one way home, which you don’t know but assume they’ve got it right and it actually takes you longer and is more annoying
  • Assessment and training days where I don’t know if I’ve got the job or not
  • Broken washing machines
  • Colds
  • Slicing the top of my finger off (not that bad, honest) but then it being basically healed only a week later.

I fell asleep in the sun last Friday after viewing a frankly abysmal little house, and consequently I have horrendous sunburn across my back that was compounded at the assessment and training day that I had to attend if I even wanted the remotest chance of getting the job. I spent the day surrounded by teachers, teachers in training or really young people, all of whom seemed to be working in education. That’s great, but I did really feel like I should be wanting to get into education.

Hairy and I are moving soon, so all things house and moving are a sore subject. Moving will cost about £1000, and that doesn’t include having to pay for a van to move our stuff or anything like that. I’m really excited about a viewing that I just set up – it’s a three bedroom house in an area that Hairy’s lived in before and likes, with a garden and everything. It’s unfurnished but looks like it’s got all the white goods in the kitchen which is amazing. I may go do a bit of celebratory packing 🙂

I’m still working as a temporary housekeeping assistant although I think the fact that I missed a few phone calls from what could have been the office that arranges my shifts means that I haven’t got any extra shifts this week. I have applied for a permanent job as cleaner with the university, just because I could do with permanent employment.

Blisters and colds are similar bugbears. My sister and I decided that they’re on the same level for making you absolutely miserable without being bad enough to require sympathy. Sunburn is evil because it hurts like nobody’s business, but at least you look like you’re suffering. I am lobster coloured all across my back and shoulder; Hairy’s been employed as my after-sun-applicator-monkey over the past few days.

ARGH THAT SODDING WASHING MACHINE. Seriously. We pay for working appliances, WHY oh WHY is it always broken? We haven’t been able to do any laundry in a week, which is ridiculous. I have enough clothes (so long as I’m not working), but the underwear situation is about to get pretty dire. I think the contractor is due around again tomorrow but it’s such a pain in the bum.

Ahem. My very specific rant about travel and being ill advised is still a sore point. Yesterday I had to travel home from Croydon (just outside London), back to Nottingham and I had to be at the train station by a certain time otherwise I would be late for my train and I’d have to buy a whole new ticket. We finished the training day at just before five and made it to the tram stop in time to catch the tram. It takes about 35 minutes, and I was planning on getting off at South Wimbledon (where I got on that morning) and walking to the underground from there because I knew the route and that I could catch a straight train to St Pancras with no changes. Instead I was convinced to stay on another two stops, then have to take three separate trains to get to the train station on time.

Things I don’t want to burn in the fiery pit of Hell:

  • People who offer me a lift to the nearest station, even though I only met them that day
  • Barbecues in the garden with a bottle of seriously scrummy wine
  • Hairy saving me steak for a steak sandwich
  • Hairy meeting me from the train station (even though he was late)
  • Estate agents who do phone you back!

It hasn’t all been annoying though, there have been some excellent things that have happened. The training day wasn’t too bad after they got over all the paperwork and we had a go at running some activities like go karts, archery and putting up a bouncy castle.

Sister mine bought a disposable barbecue that we set up in her back garden and we had that and a bottle (or three) of wine. Normally I don’t drink white wine, but the first bottle was lovely. A Viognier I think it was, and it tasted of peach stones and cream 🙂 Then we had raspberry sorbet and dark chocolate and I nearly wept with how tasty it was.

I still don’t like London though. I’ve spent the past two weekends going down and spending time in London, and while I love visiting I wouldn’t want to stay there for long.Image

The deer in Wollaton park – this was just off the side of the path, and it’s calving season as well I think.


The way I spent a few hours – taking silly photos and reading my Kindle.


Beware the flare! All the lens flare!


My view of the lake. I once did a modelling shoot around the lake, so slightly awkward memories there! Beautiful walk though.


The rather beautiful hall. Filmed part of Batman there!


Really beautiful gardens, particularly in the summer.


I spent a while amusing myself by taking pictures of my shadow. I have no regrets, particularly as these are only a few of them! I took 65 pictures that afternoon, and they definitely didn’t all make it here.






And then I climbed a tree. Awesome Superman shirt, right? It’s Hairy’s, and I stole it. Climbing trees is hard when you’re still wearing your bag and trying not to drop it.


See? Up a tree! I had to climb through the outer ring of tree trunk, and then realised it was quite a long way down and the bark was slippery.


Another part of the hall… Rather fetching, n’est-ce pas?



Isn’t the world a prettier place in sepia?



More shadow pictures! And a random lane that I wanted to explore, but I had to get home.



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