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Awkward radio silence.

on August 29, 2013

I’ve actually run away from being sociable with real live people downstairs in order to hide up in the study, write this and not deal with having to make conversations. Except the one I’m having with my cousin online. I’m sure that doesn’t really count…

Yes, I’ve been totally rubbish at getting back into this even though I’ve had the internet back for a while now. I keep starting posts only to find that I don’t have the will to finish them, or that I forgot what I was saying halfway through.

So, I’ve started a job cleaning at the university. I officially despise my job and all it entails, so I’m still actively looking for something else to be doing. The other day I had to clean small curly hairs out of a fridge, today it was mould and flies in the shower. I’ve been put in charge of the two largest blocks which seems a bit unfair! Nobody’s actually told me what I’m supposed to be doing either, so I’m pretty much just wandering around flicking damp cloths at dirty looking surfaces. And stealing tea and biscuits whenever I can lay my hands on them (surprisingly regularly – this will be bad for my waistline!) Sadly the job is going to stop me from visiting the wedding venue on the day that we planned, but Hairy is going to go anyway and do the viewing without me.

The house is settling in nicely – it’s still untidy, but now we have hot water! And a fridge! And a washing machine! No dryer, but that’s okay really. We’re just having to plan to get the washing done before we need it. It took us a week to get hot water because we couldn’t find the switch in our bedroom, and Hairy climbed up into the loft twice (standing on my mighty mighty shoulders to do so), and managed to nearly put his foot through the ceiling. Le sigh. I’m not even going to go into the saga with Argos – suffice it to say that I was very grumpy for a lot of the first part of August and wrote a very polite but irate email in complaint.

I can hear Hairy and his brother downstairs – they’re playing my new racing game, and it seems like Hairy is winning massively. I’m a terribly poor loser – last time I ended up losing three times on the trot and had a bit of a hissy in the garden before being able to calm down enough not to hit something. The floor objected strongly against my fist, so I didn’t do that more than once.

The past few weeks have been particularly Spry-tastic with a lot of Hairy’s family coming to stay. His blondest brother and his wife came to stay for a weekend and it was really lovely; sometimes it can be a bit of a strain having family up, but they were wonderful guests and I got a badge of awesomeness from his brother – flattened bottle cap 😀 We drank beer, had a barbecue and watched good films (Cowboys and Aliens – surprisingly good), and bad films (I can’t even remember the names now).

Hairy’s parents also came up to help us plumb in the washing machine, even though it turns out that I’d done most of the hard work and all that needed doing was to change the tap on the water pipe so it would flow. Again with le sigh because it meant that I didn’t get to spend the day alone with Hairy, but truly adorable because Papa Spry now smokes a pipe, and Mama Spry declared her undying love for me as “one of the good ones”. Apparently she couldn’t say it until now because saying that you like your son’s girlfriend chases them off, but it’s okay when you are affianced 😛 All the big words!


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