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on September 26, 2013

I don’t know about you guys, but I find it seriously hard to sit down at the computer after a long day sat in front of the computer at work and actually have something to talk about. If you have anything you’d like to ask or hear from me about, please let me know!

I’ve spent a lot of time trying not to stalk all the various people on my facebook that I’ve downgraded from “friends” in my mind to just “people I don’t want to know much about but on the other hand I really really do”. Hairy’s out for the night as well so I’m going to have to find actual things to do to entertain myself. I may well just end up going to sleep soon cos I am that rock ‘n’ roll! 😀 Don’t ask me about the mountain of washing up. I’m not talking to the mountain of washing up. Or I may have that bath that I’ve been promising myself for a week! First I’ve got a slightly-too-strong coffee to get down me.

Sometimes I wish I smoked. I don’t want the illness or anything that goes with it, but sometimes when I stressed or antsy I would love the excuse to go sit down outside, pack my pipe and puff away. Plus, you know, I’d look amazingly cool and everyone would envy me and my hobbit pipe. From what Hairy says, even the process of just taking care of his pipe is soothing and sometimes I could really do with that. Oddly enough, I guess you could get the same from going for a run but I blooming hate running, so that’s not high on my list of stress relief.

I did actually write a post while I was at work the other day, but then I lost it. Not in a Hulk smash kind of way, but I think my computer ate it. I love that I’m an IT person who has no idea about IT and thinks telling the caller that either “my supervisor did something magical” or that the computer ate *insert whatever I was working on* is perfectly fine. I was writing about the fact that when I was younger I used to have a crazy imagination and would spend hours with my friends making up complete nonsense that seemed amazing at the time. I must have some sort of weird personality trait that confuses me because instead of telling me that I was loopy, they actually went along with my flights of fancy. I postulated that we all carry around our little bubbles of time that converge on a mutually agreed time piece when we’re in a group. I have my laptop that says one time, my phone says pretty much the same and my pocket watch is pretty much on the button too. I have my own defined time, but how do I know that’s the real time? It’s just my bubble of time (6.35pm in the UK).

I also spent a while trying to decimalize the week. Not actually, just how would it work in a hypothetical manner. It took a while since my brain kept refusing the thought of changing how long a second was. I mean now I count “One battleship” and that’s about a second – what would the word be if it was a decimal second? And how long would the week be?

How would you make war unfeasible? Not in a moral sort of way, but would it be possible to make it so difficult to go to war that no one would?

Why don’t we have flying skate boards yet?

Is it easier to fall in love nowadays? Does love mean something different than it used to? With the ability to connect pretty much instantly and find out a person’s past, does that make it easier?

Would you rather get a letter or a package? Would you rather apple pie or apple crumble?

Why is my house so cold? I can’t feel my nose.

Why is it so expensive to do life?

If you couldn’t tell yet, I’m feeling a bit out of it again. I spend a good eight hours a day sat in a room with no windows either reading, beading or playing on the internet and not really talking to anyone except the person on the other end of the phone. That said, I’m the happy one of the office. I laugh a bit too hard, say silly things and “brighten the place” for my co-workers (not being big headed – they actually have said that). Do you know a person who does that for you?  I could do with an adventure, or at least a change in scenery. Unfortunately this will have to wait as Hairy and I are broke once again. I don’t think we ever have much more than a couple of pennies to rub together!


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