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*Flail on the internet*

on October 3, 2013

Oh dear lord. My god and little fishes.

Excuse the language, but fuck this all for a game of soldiers. I just spent half an hour on the phone to an old lady whose voice made my skin crawl, who couldn’t tell me a single thing about her computer and was unable to turn off the tracking changes in her computer. She was convinced she had one version of Word, but wasn’t able to find what I was telling her to do. It was such a simple fix, but she couldn’t find anything I was saying should be on her screen and kept sounding like she was crying at me, so I felt like a cow for getting annoyed by her.

Day 13 and I want to throw the monitor at the nearest wall. I kind of nearly shouted at someone who was trying to help me because I just spent twenty minutes going in circles with the old lady. I know it’s not anybody’s fault, but it doesn’t stop me from wanting to go all Hulk and smash the world. And then run away and hide in a cave and not talk to anyone for a week. Or get insanely drunk and then just not care. 

Things that I have discovered that I really hate:

  • People breathing in my ear.

I have really silly moments when I’m trying to get the headset away from my ear so it feels less like they’re actually breathing into my ear, but it’s still close enough that I can hear what they’re saying. There’s a fine balance that I keep missing. 

  • People trying to help when I’m already stressed and unable to solve the problem

C’est la vie. I get grumpy at people when I’ve already exhausted all the possible venues that I can think of and all they’re trying to tell me is stuff that I’ve already done. I sit there fuming – like it will work for you when it hasn’t worked for me?!?!

  • Sitting in a chair all day

I sit in an office chair. It hurts my bum after a while, and then I sit down on the bus to get home. Which hurts. So I want to go for a walk, but I’m so tired and my hips keep giving me painful stabs that I don’t want to go for a walk. So I flail and that hurts too. 

  • People asking me to teach them how I make my beading stuff.

I have a book. I follow a pattern. It’s really not that hard, and you’re interrupting me. You also want me to make something for you. Fine, but don’t expect it quickly and will they pay me? Narp.

Things that I suck at:

  • Not giggling while on the phone

I have gained a reputation as a giggler. Nuff said I believe!

  • Staying awake

Seriously hard to stay awake in a windowless pit from hell. And it’s all warm so it’s even worse! At least nobody’s eating smelly food in here.

  • Not eating the biscuits when they’re literally right there on the end of my desk.

Although today I have stood firm in the face of adversity and I haven’t eaten any. As soon as I start eating them, I just can’t stop. 

  • Anything complicated and tech based. I know that’s terrible, but I’m not an IT trained person. I’ve got about standard computing knowledge, and everything else I turn to the almighty power of the internet and worship at its feet.

Pity me, for I am an IT helpline person who’s supposed to know how to magic. I’m kind of the Rincewind of the IT helpline world. If you want to send me cake, address it to the Pit of Evil Computing Madness. I’ll be flailing here for a while.


One response to “*Flail on the internet*

  1. TBM says:

    Goodness that doesn’t sound like fun. But you should start a book. I would love to read about all the idiots out there. I wish I kept a diary when I worked in a bookstore. One person actually asked, “Where did you move the pink book?” That wasn’t the title. She could only remember the color of the cover. Then she called me an idiot because I didn’t what book she was talking about. I love people.

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