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on October 10, 2013

Sometimes I swear that my bladder has been replaced by an old lady’s. Anyway, enough on that front and on to an update of my scintillating life since last I wrote. 

I spent the weekend in the Forest of Dean with Hairy’s family; it was lovely but a total recipe for my obliteration. Apparently I can’t go visit without having to spend a large portion of the weekend in bed ill. This time it was due to alcohol poisoning (read horrendous hangover), that had me requiring a bucket within arm’s reach all day. I wasn’t just drinking irresponsibly though! Hairy’s Papa fed me rum after hot fat from the BBQ spat into my eye and burned my eyelid and made me cry. I actually had blisters right in the corner of my eye for a good few days (mostly healed up now).

It was a really lovely weekend, spent with lovely people.


This is one of Hairy’s brother with one of his dog’s – fondly named Pig. She’s an absolute little darling and gets really excited if you just talk to her. She’s a bit crazy too; sadly I didn’t get a picture of Neb.

I blame this concoction for a large part of my hangover. It just tasted like coconut-y lemonade! How dangerous could that be? I back this up with the fact that we’d been having drinks since about 11 that morning when we dropped into a lovely pub just up the road and played with the goats and donkeys down the hill, and I retained all my faculties. It was only once the concoction arrived that my memory gets hazy. See, I was warned that I should never accept a brown cocktail. This one was clear and equally lethal!

Genuinely no idea what we’re pointing at here. May well have been a giant pot of meat that had just been/was about to be cooked. In any case, we were all very happy about it!

Wedding planning is vaguely coming on apace. I’ve succumbed and signed up for Pinterest so that I can put pretty pictures together with ideas for the wedding. Settling into several clear ideas of things that I want to have, and Hairy may well have got us a photographer that we get to pay in beer! I’ve also put together (for the umpteenth time) a guest list that I’ve got saved on a website so I won’t have to keep writing it out again and again.

I have learnt how to do a thing! It is a thing that I am slightly more proud of than I should be! At Guides I learned how to do the cup song, as shown here. I have a thing about clapping games and singing in that I really love them and it’s always nice to know that my manual dexterity hasn’t completely gone to pot now that I don’t play my clarinet as much any more. It looks a lot harder than it is, and it definitely gets easier with practice.

I have also discovered that I’m not likely to be able to do a Masters. I had a meeting with my personal tutor last week and while she said that she thinks I could do it and she’d love to have me back, apparently there is no funding in Humanities Masters any more. While there are a couple of ways which I could do it, it would mean that Hairy would be stuck in a job that he hates for even longer and I’m not happy about doing that to him. He’s supported me for the past three years and I wouldn’t want to make him do it for another two. Plus then it would be so hard to save up for the wedding as I’d only be able to get a part time job.


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