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Crafty Christmas plans.

on October 17, 2013

I have no excuse for not posting so far this week. Well maybe I do – no internet in the homestead of the Hairys? Our internet died on Sunday, muchly distressing both Hairy and I because most of our favourite things are powered by its ingenuity. This means we’ve got a week of no online computer games, no Netflix and no Spotify. Our house is a sad little house at the moment. Instead we’re entertaining ourselves in other ways which is also quite enlightening since it made me watch Willow, which I have never seen before and therefore it was all exciting and stuff.

I’ve also been cracking on with my beading; completed a couple of different flower projects and also a beaded moustache! I genuinely made a beaded moustache and I’m rather pleased with it because I adapted it from one of those patterns online for the plastic beads that you iron and they melt and go all stuck-together. I’m going to need to get a wiggle on as well because I’m planning on making a fair number of my Christmas presents this year, including earrings for most of Hairy’s sisters-in-law. Or is that sister-in-laws? I can never tell!

So, I succumbed to Pinterest. I have signed up and created a couple of boards (genuinely not that interesting), because it gives me a place where I can put together all the things I like the look of and want to remember to do at some point. 

Onwards to Christmas present planning! 

Tile coasters. I’ve been planning on trying these for absolutely ages, and I figure that making a matching set and tying it up in ribbon would be a rather adorable present, and great fun to make as well!

I’ve already made a giant batch of beetroot chutney, but I’m undecided on whether that’ll be presents since the jars aren’t particularly lovely. When I was down in Gloucester with Hairy’s family (getting horrendously damaged), we were given a carrier bag full of beetroot that I promptly turned into chutney. I had such purple fingers! I’m sure my insides will be dyed purple by the end of the batch 😀 But in any case, I think I might try making some nice jam or something as well. Glittery plum jam? Don’t mind if I do!

One of the things that I’m dying to try is infusing alcohol. Probably rum since Hairy loves it so much, but this recipe looks scrummy, or even this one! Limoncello may also be high on my list of things to make as I absolute love lemon-y goodness.

My favourite breakfast spread – nutty chocolate-y delight! Not one for Hairy since he can’t stand nuts, but it would be brilliant to make up a batch and give it to my sweet-toothed friends 😀 (Always and forever saving a jar for myself too!) More chocolate-y goodness. Chocolate bark! How nice does that look? I’m genuinely salivating right now. Best thing ever – hot chocolate spoons.

Alright. I’m not all about food. How about really cute decorated jars? I have a thing about collecting jam jars and scraps of fabric anyway, so Hairy will be happy that I’m actually using the stuff that I make him keep. It was brilliant for the chutney – I used up about 6 jars, but we still have more! A collection of bottles and jars to fill with lovely things 🙂

I love the smell of autumnal spices – nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, ginger… Maybe I should make my entire family smell of it! This is such a simple recipe for a Pumpkin spice body scrub which I think would smell so good I might have to eat it. On the theme of toiletry things, bath salts seem like a lovely idea as well particularly if nicely packaged. 

Finally this is probably more for decoration that gifting but we might see. A mini snow globe that I could make (again) out of the hundreds of jam jars that I horde. 

Can you tell I’m excited about Christmas yet? Got any hints or tips on how to make a brilliant Christmas gift?


One response to “Crafty Christmas plans.

  1. anabbloggin says:

    Going to start my Xmas presies soon too. I’m thinking about using some dead lightbulbs to make Xmas tree decorations. Been trying new acrylic paints on my jam jars and I really liked it.

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