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Things of the thing-like variety.

on October 24, 2013

I did say that I would be terrible at this. 

I still don’t have my laptop back. I am sad because I only just got my beautiful shiny new toy, and then the CD drive broke and we took it back to the shop. We were still in the warranty period, it broke that quickly. I swear I have the worst luck with technology. Why am I an IT helpline person?!

I’ve been given a chilli plant from one of my co-workers! He offered to bring me one in, and I kind of expected a) that he would forget about it and b) if he did remember, it would be a little table top kind of one. Nope, it’s a beast of a plant and now I have all the chillis in the world! I’m going to have to get around to making some chilli jam again soon. 

You remember I wrote about some Christmas crafty ideas a while back? Well, I’m in luck! Sister mine phoned last night and we had an awesome chat, and I said about my plan to make Christmas presents. For the first time I can ever remember, she actually told me something that she would like to have! I’m on a mission to make the best chutneys and relishes for this Christmas, so if you have any amazing recipes please share them with me!

I’m totally rocking the beading phase and really enjoying being crafty again. My most recent projects have been a bit eclectic;  flowers, a moustache necklace and a tube of purple beads that’s about 22″ long! I’m teaching myself new stitches though, which is part of the reason for the odd projects. Flowers are great for peyote (particularly my lovely roses), the moustache was a feat of brick stitch that I’d never done before, and the purple tube (supposed to be a lariat, but I ran out of beads so modifying into a normal necklace) was herringbone stitch, both spiral and normal tubular herringbone stitch! 

I tried out pilates for the first time ever on Tuesday. I’m still not sure how much I enjoyed it, but I can still feel the ache in my core muscles and it’s two days later so I’m guessing that it’s pretty effective so I will be going back next week! It’s not as fun as balance, didn’t feel quite as structured as yoga because it didn’t feel like it was set out into sequences in the same way, and I definitely do not enjoy being called “team”! Apart from that, it was a good workout and I got all sweaty.

Hairy and I also visited our first wedding fair ever last weekend! We were both crazy nervous since it was in a fancy schmancy hotel and we got a bit lost even trying to get there. There were some amazing people there, but it was all out of our budget and not our style. The only thing that we both loved was the cupcake stall, but when we looked up the prices it turned out (again) to be way more expensive than we could think about. The photographer had an amazing style, really natural and unobtrusive but when his packages started at £995 for the basics and didn’t include most of the reception, it’s again not something that interests us. 

The next few months are promising to be amazing and busy and fun. Sister mine has invited Hairy and me down to London to spend a Christmassy weekend with her either at the end of November or the beginning of December; doing free stuff and looking at museums and going ice skating and drinking wine and having amazing food! Before that, I have an interview at a bookshop (wish me luck, I really want this job!), an end of work celebratory night out, an Alton Towers trip, Othello at the cinema, Cirque du Soleil, my 3 year anniversary with my Hairy, Mother Dearest and Pops to stay AND THEN filming as extras for one of Hairy’s colleagues. We get to be zombies 😀 Why is it always that the best things happen in the run up to Christmas? It’s like they want us to be poor! 

That isn’t even including all the presents I need to make, the films I want to see with my Hairy man and the huge amount of online gaming that I’m going to be doing. I think I need a gig to fit in there somewhere.


6 responses to “Things of the thing-like variety.

  1. Kat says:

    I find some wedding fayres can be amazing and give you a great variety of things to chose from an inspiration, but they can also only show you how expensive planning a wedding can be. Still research is better than no research. Chilli jam sounds delicious. I made a plum chutney type thing one year for a duck dish on Boxing Day, just ended up throwing stuff together and getting lucky that it tasted good. Hope the interview goes well 🙂

    • I think the problem with this one was the fact that it was the venue’s wedding fayre, so it only had a few select people there. It terrified me – £20,000 for exclusive use and that didn’t include any of the extras like food!

      The chilli jam I made last time was amazing – a bit sweet, a bit hot but not over the top because it had apple cider vinegar in so it was a bit sharp too.

  2. I hope you will share pictures of your beading projects, I would love to see that mustache necklace, that sounds really neat !!!

  3. amedicstudent says:

    Good Luck on the Christmas gift-making, I think it sounds like a marvellous idea!

    No way – I went to my first Pilates class last week too and my muscles were aching all the next day! It was rather odd because I probably spent about most of the lesson trying to breathe in and out at the right time which sounds ridiculous because we breathe normally all the time but I must admit it got me a bit confused at times. On a side note, what are you supposed to wear to Pilates/Yoga classes? I’m not a normal gym class goer, more used to running or cycling outside so was a little worried about what to wear, didn’t matter anyway because I ended up properly boiling just from all the muscle work and didn’t really care after a while – I just wanted to get out into the fresh air when it finished!

    • I kind of forgot about the whole breathing thing until she brought it up! Then I was trying not to fall over, so it wasn’t really at the front of my mind. It’s the difficulty on focusing at the right points and remembering to breathe because you normally hold your breath when exerting a lot!

      I normally wear a pair of loose trousers and a vest top with a long sleeved shirt over the top. Then I take off the shirt when I warm up, and I still have something to put on at the relaxation! It was incredibly sticky, I didn’t actually expect to get that hot just doing Pilates!

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