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I made eyeballs.

on October 31, 2013

On Monday it was Guides night and it was the Hallowe’en party. Hairy and I were going through some financial troubles, so I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to make them or dress up but luckily Hairy had just enough for the ingredients. Also, I kind of love that my costumes could be classified as either witch/vampire/goth/me on a night out. 

Anyway, I’m sorry that I haven’t got any pictures of the moustache because the first was given away, and this one is causing problems. Here are some other pretty things though!



My beautiful white rose. This is the first thing that I made while working here, and sparked off my coworkers’ interest in my craftiness.



I’m not incredibly happy with this one. It’s pretty enough and I wore it for my interview with Waterstones (thought it may be a cute conversation piece and a segue into “Oh, I’m so modest but have many talents”).



Little tulips hair grips. I wasn’t fussed on these again, but people in the office adore them.




And an actual wearable piece of jewelry, using my white rose as a focal point. This took me far too long!


And here we descend into sweetness enough to make even my teeth ache.


Supplies for my eyeballs! On a lovingly cleaned work surface, and the obligatory cup of tea.


So this was the progress. I crumbled TWO WHOLE cakes and smashed up a roll of cookies to get that lovely mess, then chopped in some sultanas because I thought it would taste nice.


Melt the chocolate! But not like that because it takes ages and is deceptively difficult to remove once melted.


Be amused by the fogged up camera and take a photo. Then freak out about breaking the camera.



Not broken! Yay! This was the mix after adding the melted chocolate, realising that it wasn’t enough and making emergency butter cream that may or may not still be sat in my fridge, slowly being eaten by the fingerful.


Roll the little suckers into multiple balls of varying sizes and shapes. Think “Ah, sod it” and keep going. Chill said little buggers in the freezer and deal with the INSANE amount of mix you still have on your hands.


Attempt to make pupils from scratch. Melt chocolate, dab generously onto clingfilm and then use chocolate buttons. Eat in threes for the next week.


Enlist zombie other half to dip eyeballs into white chocolate that has been melted on the stove. Watch him scoff it (with permission) and feel a twinge in your teeth from all the sugar.


Dip some more. KEEP DIPPING. Watch out for falling eyeballs, not enough chocolate and errant optic nerves. Maybe invest in disposable chopsticks for next time. 


And voila. About four hours of blood, sweat and tears and this mangy lot appeared. Tasted better than they looked, and I didn’t manage to put the veins on the eyes as I’d hoped to because I only had pink, orange or yellow writing icing and that doesn’t help much. They went down well with my Guides though, and Hairy kept stealing them for his lunches!

Today I’m waiting on a phone call from Waterstones. I had an interview with them on Tuesday (rather a mixed bag), and I should be hearing back by the end of the day. About 57 minutes now (not that I’m counting!) I managed to be 15 minutes late, but still got invited back to do the individual interview after the group one. Group interviews are weird. We sat around in a circle, got to know each other and talk about two books that we picked up in the store. I think I did quite well, but dear lord is the wait freaking me out. 

Good thing – they don’t have a policy on hair colour or clothes so long as it’s clean and tidy. They also ask pretty standard questions like what do you think is good customer service; how would you recommend a book to a customer; how do you find working as a team player/leader; what do you think a bookseller does and so on. The two that kind of caught me out were: tell as an area of personal improvement and what do I like about the store and what could they improve. So yeah, wish me luck.


3 responses to “I made eyeballs.

  1. Your beadwork is stunning !! I have been beading over twenty years and have never learned to do anything like that. I loved every item !!
    What fun the eye balls are !! Our youngest daughter makes cake pops for parties and they are soooo good !!
    Thanks so much for sharing, your jewelry is so amazing , seeing it made my night !!

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