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Life is a busy thing.

on November 4, 2013

Well it’s November already. Where has the year gone? We’re less than a week to our third anniversary, and it’s all go in the Hairy household. I got paid last week and it all seems to have been ear marked for something or other! Every weekend from now until next year we’ve got something planned. Life is expensive!

Hairy and I had a bit of a shopping spree over the weekend and bought ourselves furniture. Shocking, right? We’ve only been in this house since August… So now we have a bed that we put up on Saturday (bruised my knees while doing it as well!), and we’ve got a sofa, armchair, display cabinet that’s going to be pressed into service as another bookcase and a TV cabinet so Hairy’s coffee table can be used as such again! It’s all just been delivered and is sat downstairs. I’m upstairs in bed because I kind of can’t feel my feet and it’s warmer up here. I’m such a wuss.

We also bought Hairy more work trousers since he always breaks every single pair of trousers that he owns sooner or later. Not that I’m much better, I’m down to my last pair of jeans and they’ve started giving at the seams again. Anyone else have this problem? Then I feel fat because clearly I’m an elephant who breaks all her clothes through her sheer magnitude. I know it’s not the case, but it doesn’t help that I’m forever busting buttons off my clothes and ripping my jeans.

Hairy and I had a row last night. We sorted it out pretty quickly, thanks to Hairy’s stupendous ability to go think about something while I sit and stew, then come back and apologise for being a twonk if he’s been one. He once managed to do it in the middle of a shouting match. I have no idea how his head works sometimes. Last night’s barney was about the dreaded topic of *gasp* money. I hate talking about money. I’m absolutely appalling at keeping track of said fiscal stuff, so I tend to either be crazy careful with it or go all out and buy all the things. I’m trying to hit a happy medium with it, honest! So we had a little tiff because I was feeling incredibly aware of the fact that I’d just spent a whole lot of money on furniture, food and clothes – all of it necessary, but it doesn’t make it hurt any less.

So currently, I am:

Craving – Lunch. Insanely hungry already because I picked up medium sliced bread instead of the usual doorstop loaves. I’m wondering if Hairy has noticed yet…

Looking forward to – Frankenstein and Cirque du Soleil this weekend. It’s the anniversary so we’ve got a lot of things planned. It’s the National Theatre’s 50th birthday so there are a lot of amazing plays being shown that were filmed in the theatre. Yesterday was Othello, Saturday is Frankenstein with Benedict Cumberbatch as the creature which should be amazing.

Regretting slightly – Messing up on buying tickets and accidentally buying tickets for Doctor Who. I only wanted to see how much they were, and then they sneaked back into the basket somehow. Emailed the nice people all nicely and asked if they can sort it out, pleasethankyouverymuchsorryforthebother.

Listening to – Quite a lot of Great Big Sea (excellent folky band) particularly The Chemical Worker’s Song, Mari Mac, and Excursion Around the Bay.

Completely procrastinating – Going to the gym. I joined up on Friday because I’ve been feeling the urge to go back and I have great fun on the cross trainers and rowing machines, but I’m feeling lazy today and it’s a whole twenty minute bus ride into town!

Planning – I have a week off. Hopefully I’ll be getting on with some more beading, a bit of harp practice and some clarinet too. Maybe something active too since that’s a hella lot of crafty/indoorsy stuff particularly as I have a giant pile of clothes/bags to fix and a mountain of buttons to sew on.

Reading – A tonne of blogs and feminist articles. I should get a shufty on with some more reading though since I start at Waterstones next week. I did get the job although I can’t work at HMV now which makes me a little sad.

Overly excited about – Mince pies and mulled wine. Hairy and I cracked out the first mulled wine of the year last night and it was so good. We had it all warmed up with steak and mash. Winter is here!

Trying – not to do my usual just-got-paid thing and spend all my money on ebay, cheap temptation! Hairy and I are going to have an evening this week where we order pizza and go through the wardrobe and I’m getting rid of all the stuff I don’t wear enough to keep. The only downside is that I can’t get rid of them straight away since my cousin wants to get her hands on it!

Remembering – that I need to make time to see people. What with new job that’s shift based, I can’t guarantee when I’m going to be working or not. I’m also remembering all the good times with Hairy. Every day for the past three years he’s made me smile, and that’s quite amazing.


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