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Where do I write?

on November 5, 2013

Tuesday, November 5, 2013
Tell us about your writing space. Where do you write your blog posts?

That’s an interesting one. For the past two days, I’ve been writing while sat on the bed in my rather messy bedroom. I always planI to use the desk that’s languishing in the study, but that’s normally covered in the books and paper that I should really get around to clearing up at some point.

I like to be warm when I’m writing because I have such bad circulation in my fingers and toes that I normally end up unable to feel them if I’m sat at my computer for too long (that does include playing games, even with the fire on!). Wherever I am, it’s a bit cluttered and messy so I guess it’s just like me šŸ˜€ Every day that I was working on the IT helpline I’d get in about ten minutes early, get outmy notes and pen but then I’d get out my coffee, water and the project for the day. It was messy, I always lost my pen and it probably drove everyone barmy but I tidied it away every evening. I carry my mess with me šŸ˜€


Beaded moustache!Ā  A bit messy still because I’m new to square stitch and this is a pattern I kind of just made up from a picture I saw on the internet. Not bad though, huh?

Back on topic. Where do I blog from? Pretty much anywhere that I can sit with my laptop, but normally at home.


Planned writing space one. Nice view outside, but still way too messy because we are bad at unpacking. Got my harp and clarinet in there though!



My second planned space. This is my cubby hole (not been properly used except once when I fell asleep in there waiting for Hairy to come home.



Our living room! Newly furbished with hundreds of blankets and our new furniture. I enjoy this room, and do occasionally write in there but sadly not as often as I should. Hopefully I’ll get into the hang of doing it over the course of the month.



And finally where I spend most of my time if I’m not working, complete with drying towels and a giant bag of sewing that I mean to get on with once I’ve done with this post. Hairy’s limiting me to two hours of internet a day so I can get more stuff done with my days (product of a long heart to heart last night).


3 responses to “Where do I write?

  1. I loved seeing pictures of your home and blogging areas, and was excited to finally see the mustache you made, it is really awesome !! I had been wondering how to make one with beads and it never even occured to me to look it up online, lol !! I blog at the desk in my living room. One day soon when we are done orgainziing it I will take pictures of my work area for my blog and share !! It is a nightmare right now with painting and waiting for a book case to arrive to replace the damaged one they sent me, so piles everywhere and my dining room table is covered with all my beads and finding boxes while we work. I cannot wait to get to get it all organized and looking nice !! I might have to post a in progress picture so everyone will be impresssed when it is done, lol !!!
    Your house is really pretty, I enjoyed seeing it. New furniture is so much fun, our ” new ” sofas are now a year old this month, does not seem possible !!
    Thanks for sharing, it is always so fun to see other peoples work spaces and living spaces and I will be sure to share mine on my blog too !!

  2. Schmutzie says:

    I’m the same. I have a lovely office setup if I choose to keep it tidy, but I usually end up sitting wherever I’m comfortable all over the apartment.

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