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Daily blogging.

on November 8, 2013

Friday 8th November, 2013
Tell us what you’ve learned so far about daily blogging.

Today is a drizzly day here in Nottingham. The sky’s grey and it’s rather nippy, so not a very auspicious way to start the weekend. Despite that, I still love autumn and winter here in the UK. Our garden is covered with leaves where the trees have started to shed but out the front I can still see a fair amount of foliage that’s partly green and yellow.

I’ve learnt that daily blogging can be really difficult. I remember when I first started up doing this that I could pop out a couple of blog posts a day easily and still have more to talk about. Now it’s almost as if it’s become harder to think of interesting and fun things to write about without also delving into weirdness and over sharing because I know my family read this.

So I’m going to do something I found online when I was looking for an inspiration.

My ten guilty pleasures.

  1.  I love eating cake mix at most stages. I’m terrible for stealing bits from the bowl right from creaming together the butter and sugar up until the very last moment when I’ll fight everyone else to lick the bowl. It quite often means that I don’t want any of the actual baked goods because I’ve overloaded on sugar!
  2. I love watching absolute tat on the telly. I’ve watched everything from programmes on ghosts to awful make over programmes to ridiculous horror films. I do have awful taste – to the point that I’ve set up a separate netflix account so that Hairy can’t see what I’m watching. I love cookery shows and I’m sat here writing this with Master Chef the professionals on in the background.
  3. Pubs and pork scratchings. One of my top indulgences last year was meeting Hairy from work and dropping in at a lovely pub with a fireplace on the way home and picking up a pint and a packet of pork scratchings. Hairy’s an odd duck – doesn’t like sweet things so you’d guess that he would like nuts and pork scratchings. Nope, he doesn’t like either of them. I absolutely love pork scratchings though!
  4. Ebay. Oh my goodness there is a definite guilty pleasure right there. I, like a lot of people, really love a good bargain. I also have the embarrassing tendency to sit for a few hours on ebay looking at things I like but then never buying them or ending up buying things I don’t want!
  5. Reading fan fiction online. Yup, top guilty pleasure right there. I stumbled across some a while back and since then I had a bit too much time on my hands and yeah. One thing led to another as they say!
  6. Eating jam by the spoonful. Or chocolate spread. I’m forever running out of teaspoons because I’ve got the munchies and gone wandering down to the kitchen and ended up eating chocolate spread from the jar. Om nom nom.
  7. Reading awful books as well. Well, I hate reading awfully written books but I don’t mind almost any sort of genre. About the only thing I won’t read is a romance – at the moment I’m on my way through a book set in the second world war about a division of vampires, and the second coming of Count Dracula. I am quite enjoying it! Just before that it was a book about ghosts that instigated a tournament of fighting between cousins – that one wasn’t amazing.
  8. Listening to ridiculous music that gets me judged a lot. I have Bruno Mars in my playlist, Adele, Coldplay, Greenday… The list could go on, and it does. I now refuse to not enjoy music just because it’s not something that someone like me should listen to. PAH I say! Enjoy all the music!
  9. Jumpers with things on. I recently got some teddy bear gloves which fill me with unreasonable amounts of joy. Since I’ve been with Hairy, I’ve embraced the fact that I’m a sickeningly cutesy bod and I love the idea of having a wardrobe full of jumpers with funny patterns and snowflakes. Yup, I need a Christmas jumper!
  10. Patchwork and velvet. This may be a two in one kind of pleasure, but it’s totally true. If I see anything that’s either patchwork or velvet then I actually get twitchy fingers with the urge to buy them as shown by my ridiculous purple velvet coat and multiple patchwork things.

6 responses to “Daily blogging.

  1. larksnotesthis says:

    I am so with you on 5, 7, and 8, though fanfic is recent discovery for me. In fact, since I have a cold I might just spend a lazy night in listening to embarrassing music while reading fanfic based on an even more embarrassing series of books…

    • Oh yeah, all the embarrassing pastimes 😀 I’ve got to the point that I don’t even care about it any more since I have so many shameful things that I totally love. At the moment, I’m replying to this, listening to Turisas and I definitely have fan fic in one of my other tabs! I feel that I like you already 🙂

    • Fanfic was a thing that I really picked up in summer. I am only slightly embarrassed about it, but it’s totally never anything that I would talk to my family about. I’d probably die 🙂 Yay for embarrassing hobbies!

  2. Beth Ann says:

    Coming over from YeahWrite—what a great idea for a blog post–guilty pleasures. I know what you mean about the daily blogging—after awhile it seems like maybe it might be tooooo much. But you are doing a great job and I loved today’s post !!! Blog on!

    • Thanks! I like having inspiration for my posts, otherwise I end up in a never ending dribble of my rather boring daily life! Plus it’s a bit of a giggle (and a test of my resolve) to post slightly embarrassing things where my family can see 🙂 Also massive thanks for the encouragement, I love knowing that people enjoy reading the blog!

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