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on November 9, 2013

I have had a busy and brilliant day. This morning I went to see the National Theatre (in cinema) of Frankenstein with Benedict Cumberbatch as the Creature. It was truly stupendous. Cumberbatch was believable, worthy of empathy and truly an extraordinary acting ability. His physicality was amazing – he said at the beginning that he studied stroke victims and survivors of severe accidents in order to understand the way in which the creature would have moved and it really came through. His creature looked like a person with muscle memory regaining their movement, in some momentss he appeared like a toddler learning to walk which worked too.

The steampunk train bemused and delighted me the fact it was made of extras was amazing and although I understand the moment it represented in the novel I’m not sure it was necessary. Even so, it was fabulous. The set and its lighting was beautiful; I have a thing about a revolve stage although the rake was a little steep for the cinematography to cope with. Elizabeth was a far stranger character in this and therefore far more likeable and Cumberbatch’s co-star Jonny Lee Miller made the impossible happen – I actually sympathised with Frankenstein as a character in a way that I have never done before. Hairy and I had coffee and talked about Frankenstein and other gothic novels and had brilliant conversation about the interpretation of the piece. It was stupendous and I can’t wait for Coriolanus (with Hiddleston and Gatiss) and War Horse in the new year.

The afternoon was spent in a coffee shop, a giant Primark quueue (I ripped my brand new fishnets as soon as I crossed my legs but luckily I have excellent fluffy socks to console me), and finally getting ready for tonight’s show of Allegria by Cirque du Soleil. It was breathtaking. I spent a very long time with my mouth hanging open at the man in a steel hoop, the trapeze artists and the man on the elastics. The acrobatics were dazzling, the clowns were a fabulous change of pace that delighted even Hairy who hates clowns normally. It helped that one of them was basically me in a childish mood. And there were giant paper planes!

I have had the most amazing day even with the mediocre dinner, Hairy’s brother being late and annoying underpinnings. Genuinely who would be a woman? Daft pants. It has been the only downside to my day! Hairy and I are staying up until it’s our anniversary so we can exchange presents. I’d give you photos but cameras have been banned.

Also awesomely I saw one of Hairy’s and my friends that we haven’t seen in ages and his missus has told us to keep in touch. Hairy is off to the Christmas pipe club to get his free samples of tobacco and smoke a pipe with other distinguished gents. If you live in the vicinity of Nottingham I would heartily recommend it. The gents there are interesting and wonderful to talk to; the pub has an extensive selection of ales and it doesn’t matter if you don’t smoke.

Good night lovely readers and I shall be happy at you again in the morning. Sweet dreams and all that jazz. It’s been genuinely lovely to hear from new people as well as everything and I’m thoroughly enjoying NaBloPoMo so far! Any questions, requests or comments are happily received.


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